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4 Aug — Guest Blog

Guest Blog | Vinny Lee

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Vinny Lee is Interiors Editor of The Times Magazine and author of 28 books including Cool Pools and Hot Tubs ( Jacqui Small) Bathrooms ( Ryland Peters & Small) Bathrooms- Creating the perfect bathing experience ( Jacqui Small) and to be published in September 2014 Kitchenalia(Jacqui Small)

I was delighted when Drummonds invited me to write a guest blog because I’m a devotee of bathing, revelling in the refreshing cascade of a morning shower as well as the unadulterated luxury of an evening bath. As a bathing enthusiast I’m fussy about fittings and fixtures so my scroll through Drummond’s website was critical and analytical.

I can’t stand the clammy grope and tussle of shower curtains or being cramped in a restricted boxy enclosure, when I shower I need space to swing a loofah so the Severn Shower with double doors ticks my box. I love the idea of double doors, the grandness of swinging them open and making a grand entrance or exit.

My other bug bear is a cramped bath. I’m tall and when indulging in the ritual of bathing I like to be fully submerged and I think the Serpentine would accommodate me perfectly. Then I’d need a medium bath rack to support my glass of wine and nibbles and that miniature cast iron bath could also make a great olive or nut dish.

Another essential, and the key to a successful morning routine with a partner, is double basins – one each and no encroaching on each other’s space. The Double Crake with Arabescato marble and splash back would be my choice, marble is hardwearing and easy to clean and the shelf underneath ideal for a stack of fresh towels.

The Double Crake In White Arabescato Marble in nickel finish

Although I have opted for the classic Drummond’s designs I also love The Newton, from the Notting Hill Collection. It has a 1950s retro look with rounded edged, another asset in a bathroom where sharp corners can be bruising to unclothed bodies.