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27 Aug — Inspiration

Inspired By | En Vacances

Inspiration En-Vacances from the French province.

Whilst away traveling in the Pyrenees this Summer we came across some classic French designs and beautiful, interesting pieces.

This double pedestal basin has the taps fixed on either side of the basins instead of the more conventional placement against the wall. The piece originally came from a monastery dating back to the early 1900’s and was found in a flea market near the B&B we stayed at – a great idea to wash facing your neighbour, but did not seem quite right for a monastery!

French Basin Blog

This bathroom was hand painted with a simple yet beautiful mural. The dainty bird flitting above the bath set the scene for a moment of calm, especially after a few glasses of French Rosé…

The bath is a simple yet classic design, much like our Swale. The colour choice boldly stands out against the rustic back drop.

French Bath

A few days later we came across this unusual cloakroom basin, it caught our eye with its design simplicity. The burnished, aged metal of the tap encapsulates the provincial style.

French Wall Detail

These pieces offer us inspiration, but are also wonderful memories of a belle vacanes.