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Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance

A Drummonds’ bathroom product is designed to give you years of faultless service and, if you follow the instructions below, will continue to look stunning for many years. All Drummonds’ bathroom products are guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects. The guarantee does not cover faults caused by incorrect installation, neglect, misuse, wear & tear, inappropriate cleaning or damage caused by the build-up of limescale. Please see Drummonds’ terms and conditions for further details of the product guarantee.

General Use

To help prevent limescale build-up and water marks, all surfaces should be wiped dry after use. Only mild, non-abrasive cleaning products should be used followed by rinsing and drying with a soft cloth.


Standard Finishes

Polished & Un-Lacquered Brass Products 

Drummonds fittings are manufactured from brass, which is a combination of 2 metals (copper and zinc) cast together to form the alloy known as brass. The surface of the brass is polished by hand over many hours to create a perfectly smooth shiny brass finish, which we do not lacquer to allow it to age and wear naturally. The ageing process for brass is completely natural and results in a thin layer of the metal oxidising and tarnishing, creating a beautiful patina colour on the surface of the brass. The result is an antique finish that is highly prized by customers who want their brass products to have the appearance of a vintage object.

Polished brass will tarnish very quickly, especially in the bathroom where it is exposed to moisture. If you wish to maintain a shiny brass finish, regular polishing with an appropriate metal polish such as Brasso will be required.

Polished Chrome

Chrome is the most durable finish we offer. This is a brighter Blue/ silver finish.

We suggest firstly to wipe off any water marks after use with a soft cloth or towel.

Clean on a regular basis with a mild nonabrasive bathroom cleaner, again taking care to dry the product with a soft cloth or towel.

For stubborn stains, particularly in hard water areas, remove with Brasso.

Polished Nickel

Polished Nickel is a softer and less durable finish to chrome, but has a golden/ Silver look and is very popular due to its timeless appeal.

As with Chrome, we suggest you wipe off any water marks after use with a soft cloth or towel.

Clean on a regular basis with a mild nonabrasive bathroom cleaner, again taking care to dry the product with a soft cloth or towel.

For stubborn stains, particularly in hard water areas, remove with Brasso.

Nickel products will require periodic polishing with Brasso, otherwise they will develop an aged patina similar to silverware.

Bespoke Special Brassware

All of Drummonds’ bespoke special finishes are unlacquered ‘live’ finishes that will tarnish and patinate after purchase. We strongly recommend that all customers read the details below before purchasing any of Drummonds special finishes because they will change appearance during storage, installation and use. The speed of this change depends on the environment (heat, moisture & limescale) and the amount of handling of the products i.e. a basin tap that is handled frequently will tarnish and patinate quicker than a brass basin stand that is rarely handled or in contact with water.

Please Visit this page to find out detailed information: Bespoke Finishes

Bath Tubs

Beautiful, Handmade & Unique

Cast Iron Baths And Shower Trays: The Interior

The interior of a Drummonds’ bath or shower tray is enameled with dry frit vitreous enamel which is very hardwearing and durable. To maintain the soft shine on the surface of the enamel rinse the bath out after each use, making sure that you get rid of any gritty deposits, and then dry it with a soft cloth or towel. To remove marks or dirt use a non-abrasive bathroom cleaner which is safe for use on enameled surfaces
(please see the Vitreous Enamel Association website for guidance on suitable cleaners ). It is very important to ensure that a dripping, or leaking, tap is repaired immediately to prevent the enamel being permanently damaged.

Bath Exterior

Caring for the exterior of your bath or shower tray is dependent on the finish of your bath:

• A raw, primed or painted exterior does not require any particular maintenance, other than occasional cleaning to maintain the appearance. If the exterior becomes scratched, exposing the cast iron below, it must be treated immediately with a suitable rust inhibitor, followed by a metal primer and paint finish to seal the exterior.

• A polished and lacquered exterior is a beautiful finish but it must be treated very carefully to avoid scratching especially when moving the bath into position. If the exterior does become scratched, please call Drummonds immediately so that we can advise on the best course of action. In general use the polished exterior should simply be wiped down with a soft cloth. Never use any kind of bathroom cleaner on the exterior of your bath. Care should also be taken when cleaning the floor around the bath, particularly with a skirted bath, not to allow floor cleaner to splash or rub on the bath, as it may damage the lacquer which protects the bath from rusting.

Chinaware & Marble

China Sanitaryware

Clean on a regular basis with a mild, non-abrasive bathroom cleaner to prevent the buildup of dirt and limescale. Ensure that dripping taps are repaired quickly to avoid the surface of the china becoming stained.

Marble Vanity Basins

A Drummonds’ marble vanity basin is a natural product which is hand polished and sealed in the factory. Clean the surface of the marble after use using a soft cloth, making sure that you dry the surface to prevent water marks developing on the marble. We would recommend Lithofin Easy Clean which is a daily cleaner / conditioner designed for natural stones. Under no circumstances use any kind of bathroom cleaner, or limescale remover, on the surface of the marble. To prevent staining, it is important to ensure that any cosmetics, including shampoo, are wiped off the surface of the marble immediately.


Shower Heads & Roses

Clean and descale on a regular basis, paying particular attention to the holes in the shower head to ensure that they don’t become blocked. Remove and clean the thermostatic cartridge on a periodic basis to prevent permanent damage from limescale.

Wooden Loo Seats

Clean after use with a damp soft (non-abrasive) cloth and dry immediately. Never use a bathroom cleaner on your loo seat as this is likely to strip off the varnish invalidating the guarantee. Use a high quality furniture wax polish occasionally such as Mylands Wax – Natural and apply in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions. Under no circumstance stand on your loo seat. Replace bumpers when perished as these can mark and stain the toilet seat.