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Care and Maintenance

How should I care for the special finish on my brassware

There is detailed advice here

How should I maintain my shower head?

Shower heads can be maintained by pricking out the holes with a pin and using a mild descaler inside the shower head to loosen the limescale. We also offer easy clean shower heads. Please refer to care and maintenance instructions for more detail.

How should I care for enamel?

At Drummonds we enamel our baths by dry frit vitreous enamelling. Why, because this is the most durable method, the enamel is sprinkled as a powder onto the glowing hot cast iron which fuses together. This is repeated several times to ensure it builds up a thick bonded coat. An enamelled Drummonds bath will last a lifetime if you follow the simple care instructions within the manual.

How should I care for marble?

A Drummonds’ marble vanity basin is a natural product which is hand polished and sealed in our factory. To maintain the beautiful look and finish of marble, it must be cared for carefully as you would with a piece of fine furniture.

Please refer to our care and maintenance instructions.

How should I care for polished and lacquered baths?

A Drummonds’ polished and lacquered cast iron bath is a unique finish that takes up to 2 days to achieve. The exterior is polished by hand to a shiny metal finish with the natural pit marks of the metal showing through to give each bath a unique appearance.

The polished and lacquered finish will last a lifetime but does need to be handled with care. Please refer to our care and maintenance instructions for details.



What is the minimum height I can install my cistern?

The cisterns have a max height set by the length of the flush pipe and a minimum height which is controlled by its ability to flush. See Installation Manuals for details.

Will my bath be too heavy to go upstairs?

The rough calculation would read average bath weight 180kg, add 200kg for water and then 80kg for a person giving a total of 460kg which equates to about 6 people standing in a room which is generally ok for most floors to support. Skirted baths are better at dispersing weight than baths with feet. For the latter, we suggest checking that floorboards are well supported by a joist or wooden noggings directly under the bath foot.


Can you deliver into my house?

Our delivery method is standard curbside which means we will deliver to your front door location using a hand-wheeled pallet truck. All deliveries are packed in a pallet for maximum protection.

It is important to plan for your delivery: we will send you a booklet which tells you all the things you should consider in receiving the goods including how to store them on site. When taking delivery of a bath which can weigh up too 200kg, we recommend having 4 strong people on site to carry the bath into your property.

We also let you know the status of your order and contact you prior to shipping so that you are ready and know when the goods are due to arrive.

Where do you ship to?

We can ship anywhere in the world. All our goods are securely palleted and packed in wooden crates to protect them on long distances.

If you take a look at our gallery, you can some of the amazing projects we’ve done around the world, from California to Japan and from Norway to Saudi Arabia.

How much is shipping?

For each order, we calculate the most economical shipping method based on where it’s going and the time it takes to be delivered. We always use high-quality shipping companies and, wherever possible, we’ll quote to deliver to your door.

Our shipping cost includes all the necessary protection of the products to ensure that they arrive at their destination in perfect condition. We make it easy as possible to inspect the products on arrival including packing our baths in a wooden crate with a hinged lid so they can inspected.


What is a raw bath tub finish?

This is a raw, rough, cast iron exterior. It is coated with a black, rust inhibitor.

Does the cast iron exterior of a bath rust?

Polished baths are lacquered to prevent rusting. Painted baths are primed with a rust inhibiting paint. Raw baths are treated with a rust inhibitor as well, so the exterior of your cast iron bath should not rust.

It is important that they are also cared for when used- please refer to our manual for further information.

Can I change the colour on the inside of a bath tub?

For our cast iron bath tubs, we use a dry frit enamel to finish the inside of the bath tub: the enamel fuses into the iron to last a lifetime. It is closest to the RAL 9003 colour, a bright white and clean finish. We do not offer alternative colours for the inside. Our copper tubs can be copper or nickel plated.

What colour can I paint my bath tub on the outside?

At Drummonds, we offer our tubs in a primed finish so you can paint them or already painted by us in our factory to the same quality as a car!

For a primed bath tub, the surface has been prepared by hand to make it completely smooth and then primed therefore it can be painted with most paints (gloss, eggshell, silk for example!).

If we are to paint the tub, just name a Farrow & Ball colour and whether it is estate emulsion (a matt finish) or full gloss (a gloss finish).

What colour is your chinaware?

Our chinaware is a beautiful off-white colour- closest match can be found with the RAL range 9001. We chose this colour as it takes away the brilliant bright look at feel to a vanity which we don’t like. The softness of this colour allows the vanity to blend into the property and feel timeless.

What is a trap or bottle trap?

The trap is a key part of modern plumbing, but unchanged largely since its invention in 1775 by Alexander Cummings. Designed to stop the gas from the sewage escaping back up the pipes, it is a bend in the plumbing that allows the water to pass but uses the water to block the gas coming back.
The bottle trap is our standard trap used in our vanity basins. There is a P trap in the WC pans. There are traps sold for the baths tubs as well – so all items will have these installed when being plumbed in. The visible parts are all finished to Drummonds’ high standards and will match the brassware used throughout the bathroom.

What is a dual fuel towel rail?

A dual fuel towel rail is our term for a towel rail that is heated by both water and electricity.
As standard, the element comes into the towel rail from the bottom right and the hot water from both sides. It is a great option when deciding on your heating and wanting the most amount of flexibility. Dual fuel towel rails are popular as they enable you to dry your towel in the summer months when you would typically have the heating system turned off.

Can you move the element on a towel rail?

Our electric and duel fuel towel rails are supplied with the electric element on the right-hand side as standard. If you require the element on the left-hand side, this is not a problem- simply confirm this when you sign the custom drawing for your towel rail order.


What zone is your lighting rated to?

Our lights are IP44 rated. Please refer to our installation manual.

Do your products work off low pressure?

All our products are designed to work of low pressure’. Please check the manual for each product to review operating pressure and flow rates.

What are BTU's?

A British thermal unit (Btu) is a standard unit of energy. It represents the amount of thermal energy necessary to raise the temperature of one pound of pure liquid water by one degree Fahrenheit. It is used as a common measurement to understand the heat output of a towel rail along with Watts (more commonly used for electric-only towel rails).


Do your products conform to environmental requirements?

At Drummonds, we manufacture products that are quality driven but also take into consideration sustainability and the environment. The environmental requirements vary according to the location. Our products are manufactured to CE standards in Europe and Water Regulatory Advisory Scheme (WRAS) standards in the UK. US products are manufactured to uniform plumbing codes (UPC) covering lead content and water usage. Please contact us if you require further information about the suitability of our products for your project.