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Case Study

Art Nouveau Balluta Buildings | Malta

By Rebirth at Cuschieri Architects

Overlooking St Julian’s Bay, Malta’s Balluta apartment blocks, built in 1928, are some of the finest examples of Art Nouveau architecture.

The client’s brief was to restore the space to its former Art Nouveau glory, adding a modern, contemporary touch.

Local architecture practice, Rebirth at Cuschieri Architects, was chosen to undertake this project, delivering excellent results. Through careful planning and by resourcing and selecting each fixture and fitting, they preserved the authenticity, exceptional quality and character of the original apartment.

Taking inspiration from Moroccan hammams, the wetroom, designed to be one of the major wow factors of the apartment, places Drummonds’ classic bathroomware centre stage. Each element comes together to create a sense of drama within the space.

Vibrant green geometric floor and wall tiles are perfectly contrasted with Drummonds’ classic fittings including the Grand shower pipes, all in a warm brushed brass finish. The choice of brushed brass adds a unique character to the room, and over time it will develop a patina, perfectly in-keeping with the historic feel of the building.

The floor is inclined to allow water drainage under the window; a system that is hard to install in an old building. Although compact in size, the large window and high ceiling, together with the continuous tiling work on floor and walls, create the illusion of a much larger and brighter space.


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