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Inside Alex Carl’s Bathroom

Renowned Stylist & Creative Consultant

Alexandra Carl is a renowned fashion stylist and creative consultant based in London. In apparel, her distinct style blends androgyny, utilitarianism and a playful irreverence, ultimately highlighting her vision of feminine strength and womanhood. Her expertise in manipulating, constructing and deconstructing garments has attracted powerhouse brands such as Hermès, Cartier, Tiffany’s, and Zara to collaborate with her.

Carl’s Georgian townhouse in East London harmoniously combines British architecture with Scandinavian lightness. Sustainably sourcing materials is integral to her practice and this can be seen in the design of her home which uses only reclaimed or recycled materials.







The bathroom – a particular passion project for Carl – showcases her dedication to sustainable design. Recently completing a course in “Circular Economy and Sustainability Strategies” at Cambridge, she sought to install a marble floor crafted from leftover materials, ideally from overproduction or fragments. Despite initial resistance, due to the perceived effort involved, Carl eventually collaborated with Mario Bellini’s marble manufacturer in Italy, who utilised a method of gluing broken marble pieces together with resin.

Carl’s approach to her work, whether styling or collaborating on a collection, focuses on exploring layers and textures to create unexpected combinations. For her bathroom, she envisioned a warm, enveloping and organic feel, incorporating colours present elsewhere in the house.

She selected Drummonds products for her bathroom due to our commitment to crafting high-quality fittings built to last for generations. The freestanding Humber bathtub was the ideal addition to the space, enhancing an ambiance of understated grandeur and luxury. Drummonds’ roots run deep in craft and design heritage, taking inspiration from Victorian foundries and rediscovering the lost art of their creation. This made our products the perfect choice for Carl’s home, blending in seamlessly with her carefully selected collection of vintage furniture and signature aesthetic.