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The Buried Object Light Shade In Copper By Joanne Bowles

The Buried Object Light Shade In Copper By Joanne Bowles


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Joanne Bowles recently graduated from The Royal College of Art and has created these remarkable light shades for the Dalby & Chessleton wall lights. Joanne is fascinated by the archaeology of buried artefacts, changing over time and becoming encrusted with pattern. Drummonds’ light shades are part of her series called ‘The Buried Object’ individually made in silver & copper; layering techniques and materials to create unique pieces.

The making of the shades starts with Joanne forming and soldering copper sheet into cylinders. These are painted with a design & electroformed, building a raised pattern. The black shade is later treaded with a patination solution to turn the copper a deep enduring black. The silver shade is silver plated and then rubbed back to reveal the copper underneath. Finally, both versions are finished with was, to preserve the colour of the metal.

The Buried Object Light Shades are available to buy directly from Joanne Bowles & the light fittings from Drummonds.

Product: DAD8031

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Metal Finish

Unlacquered Brass

A Natural Live Brass Finish


Metal Finish

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Metal Finish

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