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The Hammered Copper Wye cast iron bateau bath tub

The Hammered Copper Wye Bateau Cast Iron Bath Tub

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Named after the one of the largest rivers in the UK, the Wye has been designed as a longer, wider, deeper version of our most popular bath, the Usk. The design is based on an 18th-century Bateau or ‘boat’ bath, high-sided to retain heat. The Wye retains the characteristic curves of the traditional 18th-century Bateau, with grand classical symmetry, but is a more practical and comfortable option for bathing.

The hand-hammered finish allows the bath to sit comfortably in both traditional and contemporary bathroom schemes.

Key Features
  • This new finish gives a weathered effect adding texture to the room
  • Hand poured cast iron to achieve a superior thickenss
  • Unique dry frit vitreous enamel is fused with the cast iron for increased durability

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Product: DAD1029BCO

The Hammered Wye Dimensions

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