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8 Jan — Interior Trends

Interior Trends | 2016 Made of Stone

One week into 2016, it is quite clear that bathrooms this year will not follow a prescribed style. The resurgence of natural materials in the bathroom over the last few years, has opened the space up to a wider range of looks and styles and fuelled a desire for applying their unique properties to create something uniquely beautiful.

Image: Pebble Tile Shop

This year, stone steps into the spotlight as the material of choice. Whilst marble has long been a classic choice for floors and vanity counter tops this year we are seeing a significant boost in its popularity, as well as other stones and minerals entering into the mix in new and exciting ways.

the single lowther

Image: The Adria Boutique Hotel

Featuring the Lowther, Ness and Islay

The appeal of stone lies in the unique qualities of each piece, no two will ever be entirely alike so you know wherever you use it you are creating something unique and special. Its unique properties also ensure that there is a limitless variety of colours, textures and patterns to choose from, that can be cut into all shapes and sizes. Your only limit is your budget, and your imagination!

The durability of stone is also key to its appeal. With the proper treatment, you can rely on stone to withstand the sometimes challenging wet and steamy conditions of the bathroom. When you’re designing a classic bathroom to last, stone finishes can be relied upon stand the test of time. Its heat retention properties also make it an ideal material for large bathroom furniture like baths and basins, which is why we recently introduced our own stone bath made from 80% crushed marble, with Martin Brudnizki. New for 2016.

The Tyburn natural stone bath tub

Stone can be turned to many different functions in the bathroom, not just floors and walls. If you’re not ready to commit to a statement stone bathroom just yet, marble accessories are a relatively low cost, simple way to bring stone into the bathroom space.

Image: Nordstjerne

Image: Pedina Torre by Kreoo, Living Collection

Image: Restoration Hardware