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5 Feb — Bathroom Help

Bathroom 101 | The 6 Steps Of Designing A Shower Enclosure

Designing a bathroom space poses a unique challenge in the home. On the way to creating the look of the bathroom of your dreams, you must also meet practical requirements along the way – but do not fear! As well as designing beautiful bathrooms, we are here to help along the way with the technical aspects too, from inception to installation.

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, and so do our shower enclosures! We make each enclosure to order to your exact measurements, so you have the reassurance of the perfect fit. For the sake of simplicity there is a universal style to each enclosure we design. Each solid brass ball joint and post is made by hand, for a classic design of unparalleled quality that stands the test of time.
Dividing up your bathroom with a custom fit shower enclosure can help you to save on space as well as increasing the functionality and usability of your bathroom, which in the modern bathroom is a huge bonus. So if you’re thinking about fitting one, just how do you start?

Step One – Measure Up
The most important part of any new bathroom renovations is to first get accurate measurements of the space, so you know exactly what you have to work with.
Begin by making a simple sketch in pencil of the shape of your bathroom from above, remembering to note where the doors and windows are. Next, take your tape measure and measure each wall, door and window. With windows, you will need to make sure you measure the distance from the window to the floor as well as the height of the window itself. With the doors, remember to note whether they swing in or out. If any sanitary ware is remaining fixed, remember to note this on the plan too!

Step Two – Select your Shape
Once you have your plan, it will be clearer to see where your shower enclosure is likely to go. We have designed our shower enclosures with different shapes in mind, so take a look at these for inspiration. It may be that you have several different options.

At this stage if you consult our Design Service, a free bathroom planning service that we offer, they will be able to advise you on up to three different options and mock up 3D drawings.

Step Three – Price up your Pieces
Once you have a final sketch completed, submit it to us (either through our planning service or independently) and we can price it for you as soon as the same day. Because we make each shower enclosure to order, this is the simplest way to get a price from us.

Step Four – Finalise your Fittings
We have a wide range of options for your shower fittings, and all of them are compatible in both style and functionality with our shower enclosures.
If you’re looking for a design classic, opt for our Dalby. With its exposed pipes and nautical styled controls make it a real statement piece.
For a more minimalistic look, opt for a Carron or Nene, where the workings of the shower are tucked out of sight behind a smart brass plate.
For something more personalised, our new Chessleton shower is our first modular shower range, allowing you to customise your controls for a bespoke shower set up.

Step Five – Synchronise your Style
Once you’ve decided on your layout and fittings, you can have some fun! Consider your choice of materials for the walls and flooring directly around your shower enclosure with care. Ensure that your choices are suitable for direct and sustained contact with water, so that they won’t be spoiled over time.

Step Six – Get ready for Installation
Once you have placed your order, download our installation guide ready for when your custom shower enclosure is delivered in 8-10 weeks time. This is the best way to prepare yourself, and your plumber, for a smooth and easy fitting! A printed copy will also be supplied in the box for your convenience.