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27 Oct — Bathroom Help

Bathroom 101 | A Marble Care Guide

Marble is the natural choice for creating a classic bathroom that oozes luxury and style.

Since the days of ancient Rome, marble has been a material synonymous with luxury and opulence, used for sculpture by the greatest artists of the day and in adorning the finest temples and homes of the wealthy. The unique beauty and limitless colour choices of marble have seen that it remains a timeless material that has never gone out of style.

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Marble basins are true statement pieces that draw the eye in any bathroom. Drummonds’ basins are formed from pieces of solid marble of the finest quality, with English china basins set in and solid brass stands.

For the ultimate luxury, use marble in the walls and floors of your bathroom. This can be in the form of tiles or for the full effect, use solid pieces to really showcase the natural detailing of the veins. Custom sized pieces of marble for vanity basin tops or for walls and floors can also be sourced from Drummonds for the perfect match with your basin pieces.

Once you have made the investment your marble will last a lifetime, but it must be cared for properly.


Firstly, you must ensure the marble you purchase is sealed correctly. Marble is naturally a porous material so any liquid that touches its surface is absorbed, this will leave staining that is irreversible. All Drummonds marble has been expertly sealed as standard.

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To maintain the perfect shine of your polished, sealed marble follow our tips:

When cleaning use a soft cloth and mild, soapy water. Never use any kind of abrasive cloth, as this will scratch and damage the sealer. Dry up any pools of water on the surface, as this could lead to water marking.

Never use harsh bathroom cleaners with alcohol, bleach, ammonia, acid or vinegar as these could damage the sealer and leave the raw marble exposed to staining. This includes limescale remover.

Avoid placing soaps directly on the marble, use a soap dish to protect the surface from any damaging chemicals. Clean up any spills of soaps and cosmetics immediately.

The Marble can be periodically re-polished to improve shine using a suitable marble / stone polish such as Reflect Wax.

If you damage the seal of your marble it can be resealed by a professional or using specialist home-care products. This is a better option than leaving your marble exposed, if it is stained in this state the damage will be irreversable.

Marble Guide Blog

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For more Maintenance and Care advice, download a guide from our Brochure Section