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17 Nov — Bathroom Help

Bathroom 101 | Bath Shapes & Sizes

Which bath is just right for your rest and relaxation? Let our bath guide help you!

When you are planning and designing your bathroom, the first consideration you probably make for your bath is the look. The bath, as the largest piece, is most often the focus-point for a bathroom space and you want to choose something that fits the style, aesthetic and mood you want to create.
You may not have considered that different bath shapes actually offer different bathing experiences, so this guide is here to help you choose the shape that is right for you. Of course, the only way to really know for sure is to try them out for yourself, and we would always recommend you do this if you can.

Classic Roll Top Bath

If you long for a relaxing lie down in the bath, choose a classic roll top bath for a soothing, full-length immersion. Our baths are long, but low enough in depth that you can sit up and rest your arms on the large, comfortable roll top.
Our Spey (with feet) or Tay (without feet) are our longest, widest baths, or if you are short of space you will find our Swale (with feet) or Tamar (without feet) will maximise your comfort with the space you have.

Bateau Baths

The ‘boat’ bath, so named because of its symmetrical sloping sides, was made popular in the 18th and 19th centuries.
Its steep, high sides make this is the perfect shape of bath for sitting up comfortably in, with a good book, glass of wine or whatever you fancy, really!
If you are smaller in stature (Under approx. 5’5” or 165cm) you will still be able to reach your legs out in our boat bath, the Usk, whilst sitting up but these baths were designed to be deep enough to comfortably tuck your legs up in.

Slipper Bath

The slipper bath is similar to the boat bath, but with one side more pronounced so the bath slopes like a shoe.
The shape is ideal for sitting tucked up in for a compact yet comfortable bathing experience. The lower end is perfect for placing in front of or alongside a window, it is not as high-sided as the boat bath so it is a great bath for taking in a view!
Drummonds’ Morar is modelled on the classic slipper bath, and as the shortest bath in our collection is a great space saver too.

Single Ended Bath

A single ended bath has one sloping end and one square end designed for taps. The deeply sloping end is perfect for bathers who like to lie back and relax.
Drummonds’ Clyde bath has a deck for mounting taps at the other end making this is a relaxing bath with room for one person only!

Other Variations

Shapes And Sizes Blog

The contoured bath, such as Drummonds’ Serpentine bath, feature specially designed contours to shape better to your body when you lie down for extra comfort – the perfect bath for one.

The Humber bath is a wider, deeper version of the classic roll top. Its steeper sides allow you to sit up like a boat bath, but with the added comfort of extra room in the sides.

Shapes And Sizes Blog
Shapes And Sizes Blog

A square bath like Drummonds Liffey is a good option if you like a spacious bath with plenty of room to relax.

To find your perfect bath come and visit us at one of our London showrooms.