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14 Jan — Interior Trends

Interior Trends | Our Top 5 For 2015

We’ve read the trend reports, we’ve been to the shows and now we’ve cherry-picked our top 5 bathroom design features for 2015. If you’re planning a bathroom this year, read on and be inspired!

Freestanding Baths

We know very well that a freestanding bathtub isn’t just for 2015, choose a classic shape and quality, durable material like cast iron and you have a beautiful bath for life!
33% of the participants in Houzz’s study of those installing new bathrooms this year are planning to install a free-standing tub, showing that they are deservedly, one of the most desirable bathroom pieces for 2015.

Top 2015


If you find white is too bright, it may be time to blend in some shades of grey. It doesn’t have to dominate the room and be drab, it can add depth and do quite the opposite.

“Grey is definitely the hottest neutral these days—it sets the perfect backdrop. I love combining soft gray walls with dark charcoal doors and a pale, grayish-white ceiling”
Jeff Andrews of Jeff Andrews Design, LA

The National Kitchen and Bath Association have also found it to be the “fastest-growing” shade for the bathroom in 2014.

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Shower Enclosures and Wetrooms

If you prefer the refreshing spray of a shower to a soak in the bath, you’ll probably be pleased to hear that showers are taking over more and more bathrooms, a trend that looks set to continue in 2015.
Houzz have observed that they are seeing more and more walk in showers with oversize panes of glass, or walls that completely enclose the space to form a wet room.
Drummonds’ shower enclosures use large panes of glass in this way, but retain the classic look by incorporating posts of solid brass.

Shower Room Case Study

Custom Vanities

Custom vanity basins are one of the most desirable features listed by those designing a new master bathroom this year.  If you know just how much space you need for all your bathroom essentials, a custom counter top or built in cupboard is an ideal way of creating a personalised bathroom space that suits your bathroom needs.

Installing a custom vanity also allows you to maximise the space in your bathroom, fitting a unit between two walls for example, as custom vanities can be designed with bespoke measurements.
Another option is to source and use an existing piece of furniture and adapt it for your bathroom with an undermounted basin.

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Bathroom In The Bedroom

Beautiful basins and baths can make exquisite design features in the bedroom, creating the most relaxing and luxurious of spaces with the benefit of being hidden away in privacy from the rest of the house.

Australian designers Castagna and Genner are also seeing the integration of sliding doors becoming a popular option, and predict it as a design trend for 2015. Such doors could be used between the bedroom and en-suite, so you can open up or close off for more privacy.

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