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23 Feb - Interior Trends

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Bathroom Trends To Watch 2018

It is only natural to want to inject a breath of fresh air to our homes in the early months of a new year. If you’re looking for bathroom inspirations, here is our selection of the 2018 bathroom trends:

Trend #1: Bye bye indoor plants, hello plant prints

It’s time to welcome plant print wallpapers in your bathrooms. No need to water them and they’re a beautiful way to bring the serenity of nature right next to your bathtub.

Case in point: Our Tweed cast iron bath stands out beautifully against a background of lush foliage of ‘Palm Jungle’, made by Cole & Son Wallpapers.

Trend #2: Double the fun

This year, twin features are the new go-to: his and her basins, double-ended baths and pairs of cabinets are the guarantee of your own personal space and no waiting time. How more luxurious can it get?

Trend #3: Brass, the metal to shine

Elegant and timeless, brass has already become one of our favourite metallic finishes and is set to be on the spotlight for 2018.

Case in point: the Dalby, a classic wall mounted shower in brass which gives an organic element to the space.

Trend #4: 2017 Greenery gives way to Ultra Violet

Established by PANTONE® as the Colour of the Year 2018, ultra violet is at the forefront of the interior design scene. This celestial, enigmatic and energizing blue-based purple hue calls to mind the vastness of the galaxy and will bring spirituality to your interior. This trend goes hand in hand with the tendency for bold pops of colours this year.


Case in point: The Spey Bath Tub is imagined in a lighter shade of violet which brings glamour to the room.

Trend #5: Small-scale luxury

Luxury bathrooms are not necessarily synonymous with big spaces. In fact, this year’s trends pave the way for little bathrooms: narrow-fit, modular and minimal furniture are thus more than welcome inside your home.

Case in point: Wall-hung units such as this wall mounted towel rail will impart a feeling of openness to your bathroom: as the floor is left untouched, the eye is tricked into seeing the space bigger.

Looking for more tips on how to save space in a little bathroom? Check out our post How to maximize space