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21 Jul — Inspiration

Inspiration | Bring Your Holiday Bathroom Home

We’ve all been there. We’ve come back from our holiday and instantly wanted to recreate that relaxed yet sophisticated interior that only accommodation abroad can offer. Now whilst the odd comfy cushion or intricate lampshade souvenir will prolong that holiday feeling for a while, the only way to completely eliminate the holiday blues is to embrace the full look. Here’s our guide to recreating your favourite holiday destinations at home in your bathroom.

Greek Holiday Inspiration Blog
  1. Greece

Simple and clean aesthetics are the definition of the Greek coastline. The key to this look is the beautiful white buildings which act as the background for the spots of blues and turquoise used on doors and shutters to perfectly reflect the colours of the sea and skyline. To bring this look home you’ll certainly want to opt for white walls and floors. Choose blue accessories if you want to stay true to the Greek style, however, you could take inspiration from their use of ‘a pop of colour’ and choose a splash of pink or a dash of green if you’re feeling daring.

Morocco Holiday Inspiration Blog

2) Morocco

If you’ve just come back from Morocco you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to interior inspiration. The colours are bold and textures sensational and there can be no doubt that you will need all your senses to experience Morocco to the fullest. To bring this look home you’ll need colourful accessories with plenty of print and don’t forget to stock up on full bodied incense to burn whilst you’re relaxing in the bath. Tiles are another great way to add Moroccan style to your bathroom. Opt for a teracotta tile floor for a subtle but classic look or matching floor and wall tiles like in our Victorian Townhouse case study for a bolder approach.

3) Provence

The Provençal style is rustic and relaxed. When using the south of France for inspiration in the bathroom you’ll definitely want to start by decluttering your space, pale colours are a must, opt for blues, greys and mustard yellows, and bouquets of fresh lavender dotted around will help bring the Provençal landscape inside. You’ll want your furniture to be vintage and slightly distressed to create that classic je ne sais quoi that the French pull off so well. Check out our antique and vintage Pinterest board if you need inspiration.

Caribbean Holiday Inspiration Blog

4) Caribbean

Who wouldn’t want to take interior inspiration from the Caribbean? It’s all about creating a relaxing environment through the use of natural elements. Wooden floors are a must, check out our guide to wooden floors in the bathroom if you’re in need of inspiration, and neutral accessories like billowing white curtains and clear glass candle holders. You’ll definitely need some indoor plants and with the Caribbean in mind we definitely think the bigger the better!