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14 Apr - Events

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The British Take Milan

As Salone de Mobile in Milan comes to an end we look at the best of British designers who showcased at the exhibition and why they made such an impact.

‘Cut & Tube’ by Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon has launched two new lighting designs at Milan Design Week inspired by ‘futuristic optics’, both beautifully different and in total contrast from the other. The Cut design, when illuminated, creates a kaleidoscopic effect across the room as a result of the edges of the shade. When switched off the shade becomes opaque leaving you with a beautiful hanging feature. We know that Kaleidoscope is a huge trend for 2017, something we’ve looked at in our post Kaleidoscopic Dreams, so it’s great to see it being used in such an innovative and modern way. The Tube light is a slender design that allows light to shine through laser cut holes that gradually get larger towards the middle of the cylinder. As they can be either hung from the ceiling or stood on the floor they are a real feature in any room.

Lighting By Tom Dixon
Tom Dixon Lighting

‘New Spring’ by COS x Studio Swine

Inspired by the cherry blossom trees of Japan, this installation features a six-metre construction with ‘branch’ like tubes extending out. What brings this project to life are the mist-filled balloons that appear from the end of the tubes. Descending from the trees like rain drops they come to rest on the fabric and clothes where they bounce back without popping. The balloons only pop if they are touched by human hand. A fantastic showcase of how to bring together science and art and a perfect partnership with COS.

Cos Studio Swine New Spring

‘Excavated: Eviction’ by Paul Cocksedge

Being evicted from your apartment can cause all kinds of troubles but Paul Cocksedge saw it as an opportunity to take inspiration for his latest project: ‘Excavation: Evicted‘. Cocksedge mapped the ground under his studio only to find an abundance of space and materials. From this project comes five unique pieces of furniture created from the much-loved building which was home to his studio. A perfect way to pay homage to his and the buildings’ shared past.

Paul Cocksedge Excavation

‘Time Machine’ by Lee Broom

Broom has secured a remarkable location to display his latest installation. The Vault in the Milan Centrale station has been closed for 30 years and is now open to the public for the first time as a result of Broom’s installation: an amalgamation of his work from the last 10 years, released in a white colour scheme and displayed on a large carousel. What a fantastic way to display your achievements. In addition, Broom has designed a magnificent grandfather, although there is certainly nothing traditional about it, clock that uses simplistic and modern design to bring us a beautiful piece of art. With only 10 made this is a real treat to see in person.

Lee Broom Time Machine
Lee Broom Grandfather Clock