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11 Dec - Bathroom Help

Cast Iron: Undecided Whether You Should Have A Cast Iron Bath?

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We all know that life is short so taking time out is important. Indulging in a relaxing bath can really make a difference so when looking for the best bathing experience comfort is essential, as is the material and quality of the product you choose.

Tubs made from cast iron have been a popular choice since Victorian times due to their varied shapes, stunning appearance and durability.

Cast iron baths are typically made by pouring pure molten iron into a mould. Once the iron has set, the interior is then coated with enamel.

At Drummonds we use dry-fit enamel, a process whereby the bath is heated to red hot and the powdered glass is fused onto the iron. The Vitreous enamel finish achieves an extra thickness and is resistant to most chemical scratching and chipping, ensuring durability.

One of the greatest advantages of a cast iron bath is that they retain heat for longer, making them the perfect choice for those looking to have long, hot and relaxing baths. Also, robust and highly resistant to damage, cast iron is low maintenance and extremely easy to clean.


Installing a cast iron bath involves careful planning and attention to detail. Weighing up to 200KG, each bath requires quite a bit of manpower to install. It’s essential to check that the area where you plan to locate the bath is strong enough to bear the weight of the bath and the water. Strengthening the floor is not a difficult task, so long as proper planning is in place.


If a tub is damaged on-site it can be hard to restore, so again we advise taking care of the product during building works.

Cast iron baths are at the more expensive end of the market and so it’s important that they stand the test of time, both from a style point of view and functionally. Made from the most traditional of materials using tried and tested manufacturing methods, cast iron baths are unbeatable for their durability, style and low maintenance. A cast iron bath is a long-term investment for those who want the best.

So, thinking a cast iron bath might be for you? If so, we recommend visiting a showroom, sitting (or laying) in the baths or better still, taking a night out at a hotel to test them out. There are many we could recommend.


Choosing your fittings is another conversation we would love to have!