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01 Aug - Drummonds

Donating to Toilet Twinning, sanitation charity initiative

Drummonds & Toilet Twinning

Drummonds is committed to philanthropy and social responsibility. In this context, we have chosen to support Toilet Twinning, a water and sanitation charity initiative. More precisely, Toilet Twinning works and raises funds to help those in desperate poverty to have access to clean water, a basic toilet and to learn about hygiene. Toilet Twinning is a fundraising initiative of international relief and development agency Tearfund, member of the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC).

Bawili and her family, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Amanuel and Meselech, Ethiopia

How can you help flush down poverty?

We are donating to Toilet Twinning, meaning that every Drummonds’ WC suite you buy implies that you are twinning another loo somewhere in the world. The donation encompasses globally education, training and involving communities in building their own toilets.



In Nepal, Bishwo was the first person in his village to build a toilet after a local partner started teaching the community about the link between sanitation and health. Once it was built, he held a toilet open day for his neighbours!


Ivory Coast

Why is this cause important to us?

  • Almost 900 children die every day due to diseases caused by dirty water and poor sanitation. That’s one every two minutes
  • 2.3 billion people don’t have somewhere safe and hygienic to go to the toilet. (WHO/Unicef)
  • The lack of a loo makes women and girls a target for sexual attack as they go to the toilet in the open, late at night.