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27 May — Inspiration

Inspiration | Plants In The Bathroom

As always The Chelsea Flower show is a time of inspiration and this year is no exception, you can view our favourites from last year’s Chelsea Flower Show here. You may think a bathroom is an unconventional place to best showcase your love for plants and nature but we’re here to tell you otherwise. Take a look at our top tips for making your bathroom plant potty!

deGournay wallpaper
  1. Be Dramatic

If you want a dramatic and bold way of including plants in the bathroom opt for a blossoming wallpaper. If you’re brave, don’t hesitate to create a jungle by wallpapering all walls or alternatively, soften the pattern by covering only one wall for a more subtle look. Consider metal finish bathroom products, such as our Usk freestanding bath in the polished finish, which would be perfect for reflecting the colours and mirroring the wallpaper design to give the room a sense of grandeur.

Bathroom Plants inspiration

2. Go Live

One of the simplest ways to introduce plants into the bathroom is by displaying a bouquet. The bathroom is often overlooked when it comes to choosing a spot for your favourite vase and bunch of flowers but what better way to enjoy fresh roses than when sitting in the bath. If you’re looking for a low maintenance alternative, however, you can always opt for fake flowers that will give you the natural look for longer. Opt for colours on the opposite side of the colour wheel to your colour scheme to create contrast.

Top Tip: Plants are a great way to update your bathroom for the hotter months. Discover our other easy tips to getting your bathroom ready for the Summer

Bathroom Plants inspiration

3. Plant Accessories

Plants have always been an inspiration for accessories but no more so than during the sunnier months. Keep your eyes peeled for nature inspired designs such as light fittings, cushion prints or towel patterns. This is a great way to bring the plant theme into the bathroom on a budget.

Top Tip: We love the idea of using real plants as an accessory to a wall feature. Choose a plant that needs little maintenance such as a cactus so that you don’t need to disrupt the display as often.

Bathroom Plants inspiration

4. Paint Your Plants

A piece of nature inspired artwork to hang on your wall could be the perfect way to add an eye-catching feature. Here at Drummonds, we are always looking for ways to be more creative and our bath finishes are no exception. Our Spey cast iron bath was painted last year for our advertising campaign and we think it’s the perfect inspiration. Bath paint is easy to come by and our cast iron baths can be ordered in a prime finish ready for you or an artist to paint to with your desired finish.

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