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01 Jun - Inspiration

The Antique Bronze look

As you have probably realised whilst reading our latest blog posts on bespoke finishes, the most popular metals nowadays are richer in colour and patina more than they are polished. Let us introduce our Antique Bronze finish, which is characterised by rose gold undertones giving it a copper feel. Although It’s been often underestimated, as it’s commonly associated with coins and low-priced items, it’s actually now front and centre on the interior design scene. Its success is in fact not that surprising given that there’s a high demand for copper-hued and rose gold metals at the moment and that Millenial Pink trend is still growing strong.


What is Antique Bronze?

Antique bronze is defined by a bronze plating, which is an alloy of copper and tin. It is patinated by hand to obtain a beautiful aged look which will naturally tarnish with time as it is a live finish. Even though its warm tones remind us of copper, it’s more golden than the latter and more noble. It constitutes the perfect choice for those looking for a dark earthy and burnished-like finish that brings a room to life without owning it.

Why we love it

– It’s a finish which will warm up and give an organic feel to any space. With its copper tones, it creates indeed a comforting glow which will elevate your interiors and infuse any home with energy and vitality.

– Its mesmerising rose hues stand out against a variety of colours

– Like a neutral, it matches easily with other colours whilst still creating a striking presence

– Will give a vintage character to any interior

How to maintain:

We recommend you clean this finish with a damp cloth and to dry it with a soft dry cloth. Beware of the use of Brasso on brassware in general.