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26 Feb — Inspiration

Inspired By | Grey Days

It can sometimes seem like there is no end in sight to the grey days of Winter. Grey skies, grey rain, everything damp including your spirits, but use it as an excuse to be glum when we could use it as a source of inspiration. What a wonderful idea! 

Blog Grey Days

As a neutral, grey is a passive colour that will not assault your senses, making it the perfect palette for a relaxing bathroom. You may think ‘grey’ is just one colour, but there are a multitude of tones to choose from! Take care in selecting between warmer greys (yellow based) and cooler greys (blue based). The delicate patterned wallpaper in this master bathroom adds lovely warm grey tones without it being overpowering in the space. The cooler greys in the master bedroom below are more dominant in the space, the mixing of different blue-grey tones adds depth as well as a sense of tranquillity.

Blog Grey Days

As a colour that blends and doesn’t brighten, grey is frequently used in industrial, functional developments on inside and the out. Hence, it is the ideal colour for an industrial-inspired interior. Think textures like brickwork and dark slabs of charcoal grey.

Blog Grey Days

Grey in all of its hues occurs naturally across stones and marbles, from the sea-blue grey pebbles that scatter the coasts of the British Isles to dark and stormy looking Italian Bassaltina marble, and everything in between.

Blog Grey Days

(Source: Harry Pears)

As grey doesn’t have a big colour ‘personality’ of its own, it is the perfect partner for brighter, louder colours. Grey is happy to take a back seat and let a brighter colour shine.

Blog Grey Days

So next time you look up at the gathering clouds, we hope you will be inspired and not put out. Here’s to many more grey days to come!

(Image Credit: www.delightfull.eu and Harry Pears)


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