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24 Jun - Inspiration

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Mediterranean Style

The British Summer is finally here! But whilst we are appreciating the sun (when it is out) we are also collectively dreaming of the deep blue seas and sun drenched sands of warmer climates, of sun and of sanctuary away from it all.

You only have to say the word ‘Mediterranean’ and we start salivating! Conjuring up tapestries of white washed walls and red tiled rooves, sandy beaches with lapping waves and scattered driftwood, ripening olives in picturesque groves of ancient knotted trees and fragrant citrus trees heavy with bright, mouth-watering fruit. The Mediterranean region has a unique appeal to the eye and to the senses and it is one that can be captured closer to home, in your bathroom.

Blue Skies
Nothing says ‘holiday’ quite like a blue sky, which makes it is the perfect colour for a relaxing, serene bathroom space. When combined with white it is sure to conjure up the shores of Santorini, where the two colours are used in harmony to create a picturesque paradise. For a more invigorating scheme, add some Mediterranean zest with lively accents of citrus colours yellow, orange or green. Pink from the spectacular blooms of the Mediterranean Spring is also a delightful accent colour.

Tactile Tiles
In the Mediterranean, which is scorching hot in the peak of summer, stone tiles are used almost exclusively in the home to keep them cool through the day. Tiling is also a wonderful opportunity to get creative with the cultural feel of your space. Think not just of what you are trying to capture, but where. Bigger tiles and more natural, earthy shades such as terracotta can recapture Tuscan streets, whilst more intricate, tessellating, Moorish designs are more reminiscent of Turkey and North Africa to the South of the Mediterranean Sea.

Case Study: Our Victorian Terrace House case study, featured below right, uses beautiful Mediterranean tiles in sea blues and greens on the floor and walls of the shower to create a truly striking feature. 

Victorian Terrace Case Study

Let The Sun Shine In
In a region rich with sun, there is nothing more satisfying than throwing the shutters open in the morning! Incorporating them into your own scheme, whether on the inside or the outside, is sure to capture some of the Mediterranean spirit. Throw them open and let the sunshine in!

Hand-made Touch
Support traditional crafts whilst are creating your Mediterranean haven, and bring some of the Mediterranean home with you! Hand blown glass from Italy, lace from Greece, hand knotted rugs from the East… there’s no doubt that on your travels you will find yourself spoiled for choice.

Olive groves are abundant across the Mediterranean, their ancient and beautiful branches and the rich scent or ripening olives instantly recognisable. When the groves are pruned and cut back, essential for their growth, the beautiful olive wood can be bought sustainably and incorporated into your scheme. Alternatively, fill your bathroom with delicious olive based bathroom products for a luxurious lather and a seductive Mediterranean scent you can enjoy all year round.

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