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23 Sep - Interior Trends

Inspired By;

Roots of Design

Decorex brings designers from all over the world together to celebrate luxury design at its finest; from heritage to the cutting edge, from classic to contemporary, Decorex encompasses the best in decorative arts for the home.

This year, the overarching theme was ‘Roots of Design’. Our incarnation saw us create an underwater Venetian-esque city, with lost treasures and curious sea creatures. In our hidden room, parts of our manufacturing process and raw materials could be discovered, touched and held; parts from craft and design processes hundreds of years old. We loved some of the other ways the Roots of Design theme was embraced by other brands.

The entrance to Decorex this year was taken over by a curious collection of chairs from widely different periods, exploring the design heritage of a functional and yet decorative household item. These examples are from the late 18th and early 19th centuries and come from the V&A.

Arley House Fabrics latest collection features designs from accros the centuries, created from fabric prints sourced from the V&A. Some of these have been retouched and coloured to add a new feel to a classic, timeless design piece.

The New Craftsmen are a collective work with a selection of Britain’s finest craft makers aiming to showcase the skills and craft products of the British Isles. Their vision of the future of design is to look to its roots and rediscover the real value of makers, materials, method and design. their live demonstrations of traditional crafts were fascinating to watch.

A Rum Fellow channel the roots of design from accross the globe, in the spirit of  ‘intrepid British explorers’. Sourcing their inspiration from the world’s design heritage, they then bring it home in the form of new and contemporary pieces for the modern home. The colours from their latest collection are irresistibly vibrant.

Fay McCaul, new on the design scene and a recent graduate of the Royal College of Art, unites modern materials with traditional knitting techniques to create a diverse range of pieces, from lights and tables to screens and shower curtains! What a delightfully fresh look at such a time-old craft technique.

Bespoke English cabinetry makers, Benchmark, really stripped everything back to its roots on their stand. The beautiful natural wood contrasted strikingly with the dark walls, to create a dramatic effect. Another example of a traditional craft brought right up to date in a contemporarty setting.