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10 Jul — Inspiration

Inspired By | Wimbledon

Anyone for tennis?

Wimbledon tennis tournament is a British sporting tradition, but it’s not all about the serves and volleys! A Championship as long established as Wimbledon, which is now in its 129th year, also has long-established associations that go beyond the great tennis it is famous for. We celebrate the styles and the symbols of Wimbledon, SW19.

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Green and Purple

The striking purple and green colour combination of the Wimbledon logo is iconic. When visiting the championship it can be seen throughout the grounds and on the courts, the whites of tennis players outfits (strictly enforced!) contrasted brightly against the deep, intense hues.

Wimbledon Blog

The combination is unusual and rarely seen elsewhere. Whilst it may not be to everyone’s tastes for interior decor (this image is taken from a 1950s bathroom catalogue) the colour combination can also be seen in other decorative forms such as jewellery. The piece pictured here features amethyst, moonstone and green chalcedony.

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The Tennis Racquet

The tennis racquet is so much more than just a piece of sports equipment, it is a piece of design that has evolved throughout the centuries to be what it is today. You can find racquets featured in fabrics and wallpaper, but the traditional wooden racquets are such beautiful objects in themselves we would happily string them up throughout the home!

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Vintage Tennis Racquet Wall Sculpture by whitcombandcompany


Wimbledon is famous throughout the world as the only Grand Slam Championship to be played on grass. If you love the feeling of freshly cut grass under your feet, you could try making your own natural grasses and mosses shower mat like this one by Nguyen La Chanh. To replicate the grass of Wimbledon, it will need to be cut to precisely 8mm high.

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Strawberries and cream and tennis are a perfect pairing and were served at the very first Wimbledon tournament in 1877. Today, Wimbledon’s spectators munch on 23 tonnes of strawberries and 7,000 litres of cream every year!
We are all set for the Wimbledon finals this weekend, it just so happens a Drummonds bath rack will perfectly hold a punnet!

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