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03 May - Inspiration

Natural Living

Bathroom-Friendly Plants

For National Gardening Week, we wanted to share some ways to bring the outdoors inside.

With all spaces, especially a luxurious bathroom, the addition of vegetation can create a sophisticated and open-air feel.

However, though it may seem simple, not all plants can be brought into the house, specifically into a steamy, humid bathroom with – in most cases – insufficient amounts of sunlight from the smaller or frosted windows.

So, in order to help you decide, we’ve made a guide to plants that can thrive in wet rooms, bathrooms and cloakrooms.

Aloe Vera

This incredible succulent is equal parts beautiful and useful. Bursting with vitamins and minerals, it can be used as a topical treatment for burns and bites or for dry skin!

Image Courtesy of Pinterest


Bamboo is a great low-maintenance option; it thrives in indirect light and doesn’t even need soil. Place a stalk in a container with pebbles and water for a simple option for breaking up a room.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Boston Fern

A popular variety for indoor foliage, the Boston Fern has beautiful long frilly leaves and is native to tropical rainforests so it’s perfect for your humid bathroom

Image Courtesy of Design Love


One of the most popular houseplants, the ‘Dragon Plant’ or Dracaena is a perfect air-purifier and comes in over 40 varieties. It’s a plant that needs shade and if a room is too bright the leaves will scorch, so keeping it in the bathroom will prevent that.

Image Courtesy of The Tree Centre


One of NASA’s top air-purifying plants grows into beautiful vines that adorn the bathroom. It’s also a natural air freshener and enjoys humidity. Be careful that it doesn’t grow too quickly, though!

Image Courtesy of the Elle Decor


Orchidaceae are elegant and sophisticated, plus their natural environment involves a lot of humidity, so – all things considered – they would make a perfect addition to a bathroom, creating a luxury spa feel.

Image Courtesy of Home Style New Zealand

Peace Lily

The Spath plant, or Peace Lily, is a beautiful bit of greenery, with glossy leaves and white blooms. It’s also a NASA certified plant for purified air, as it helps to filter out harmful benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde toxins. The epitome of style and substance.

Image Courtesy of Getty by Siane Irvine