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14 Aug — Interior Trends

Interior Trend | Copper

After years of being confined to covered-up copper pipes, copper is making a resurgence in interior spaces as a material to be shown off and admired.

Because copper is steeped in traditional home use (think copper pots, pans and pipes), it is the perfect material to feature if you are looking to evoke a traditional style in your home. Make a statement and apply copper to your wall décor, its malleability makes it ideal for pressing into tiles for bathrooms and kitchens.

Copper is also ideal for cladding. Drummonds offer a luxurious hand-pressed copper clad cast iron bath, a dramatic statement piece whatever your style. It can also be used to coat cabinetry and other furniture to opulent effect.

For contemporary spaces, copper fittings, fixtures and accessories can add a touch of bright copper colouring to a more muted environment.

The Copper Tay cast iron skirted bath tub

The warm glow of copper makes it the perfect choice for mixing with other natural materials such as wood and cork, for a ‘rough-luxe’ or rustic feel. Its rich tone also stands out against a whole array of colours. Mix with blues and greens for a complimentary contrast, or blend with warm tones of orange or earthy brown hues.

Aldourie Castle Case Study

Lacquered, Un-lacquered or Burnished?

Once you have decided where to use copper in your space it is important to consider how you want your copper to look.

Choose polished copper for that mirror-like shine, or copper can be brushed for a more muted effect.

To retain the shine and rosy colour of copper it is crucial to have it lacquered. Copper left untreated is a ‘living surface’ that will naturally age, dull down and develop a blue-green patina over time. Water quickens this process, so untreated copper in the bathroom will age faster.

Copper Patina

Burnished copper has been aged deliberately at a faster rate so the colour appears more dull, but still magnificent.

The Burnished Copper Usk cast iron bateau bath tub

Drummonds copper baths are sold polished and laquered as standard, but we also offer other bespoke options.

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