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1 Dec — Interior Trends

Interior Trends | Beat The Bland

It is refreshing to see the long awaited return of colour booting out the safe styling of the neutral interior. The modern, minimalist and sellable palette of taupe, white and grey has dominated our Pinterest feeds and trend articles throughout 2017. It’s calming, sensible and even glamorous but in all honesty, don’t you think it lacks a little personality? Now don’t get us wrong, a well placed grey painted wall makes an excellent feature but where has the need to paint one’s entire house tiles, bricks and ceiling come from? We think it’s time to move away from bland and break the mould so here’s all the inspiration you need to embrace the colourful life.

Design Tip: Our Victorian Terrace House case study is a great example of how colour has been added to enhance the unique elements of a bathroom. Through the use of these striking Morrocan inspired tiles the shower nook is drawn into the room and the placement of the antique mirror allows for the colours to be beautifully reflected throughout. 

It’s time to be bold through colours and product finishes. Opt for pastels, coppers and brasses to add hints of sun sets and art deco vibes a la Miami seafronts. It’s all about creating an understated drama using well placed features. More than ever, people are looking for how they can achieve something unique by choosing a bespoke finish for taps, baths and vanity suits. If you’re nervous about embracing both colour and special finishes why not choose one or the other for a more traditional style. Our chrome and nickel are still favourites amongst our customers and can easily be paired with a dramatic backdrop to add character. If you are feeling brave though, go for both! A brushed brass and antique bronze or copper easily liven up bathrooms and kitchens and assembled around a de Gournay wallpaper you’ll create a unique space that is both eye-catching and full of character.

It seems minimalism has been replaced by a new movement that leans towards retro quirky styling and maximal interiors with plenty of colour and lots of layering of patterns. Have we finally left neutrals behind and maybe even started to let our hair down?

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