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8 May — Interior Trends

Interior Trends | Feng Shui Your Way In The Bathroom

Developed in China over 3,000 years ago the art of Feng Shui has many followers, but what is it and how can you incorporate it into your home? The basic principal of Feng Shui is about balancing energy in any given space which in turn provides health and good fortune to the inhabitants. While you may not believe that placing all your chairs with their backs against a wall will help you find your inner Chi there are plenty of handy tips to help you create a more relaxing and optimistic home – and in particular in the bathroom.

Bathrooms often have a bad reputation in terms of Feng Shui as they are seen to drain energy – but here are a few things that you can do to increase the good energy. The Feng Shui bathroom is clean, comfortable and relaxing so before you do anything make sure the room is sparkling clean!

Mirrors speed up and circulate energy, especially if they are given the right position.  In a bathroom they are particularly useful as they help to keep positive energy in the room. Try to avoid placing a mirror on the door but make the most of walls above sinks, cupboards and fireplaces.

De-clutter: The bathroom should be free from clutter, so take time to do a big Spring clean.  Throw away anything you no longer need and store other items in cupboards or tidy away in storage boxes.  If you are planning a new bathroom or renovating your existing one then make sure to include plenty of storage that can keep any bathroom clutter out of sight.

The Torridge cast iron bath

Round edges help positive energy to flow through your home. Try to avoid sharp lines and corners wherever possible, a rounded edge bath or curved shower can create a feeling of calm relaxation.

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Creating a Spa like feel can be easily achieved and helps create good Feng Shui.  Flowers, beautiful soaps and bath oils, candles and crystals all help to combat the negative energy associated with bathrooms and give the bathroom an ultimately relaxed atmosphere.

Using Colour can help to create balance – which is crucial to having good energy and a positive living space.  The bathroom is associated with water so it is a good idea to choose earth colours to balance it out.  Think of all natural colours: from pale greys and blues to cream, pale sand and subtle green.

A water feature of some sort is essential to the successful implementation of Feng Shui, which translates into Wind Water. This will promote feelings of relaxation and harmony. This may be slightly tricky in the bathroom but images of water can provide the same effect.

Feng Shui is a huge area which can be explored on many levels either on your own or through one of many Feng Shui consultants who can advise on the more complicated aspects of the art – but  with a bit of knowledge and some effort you can make positive changes to your home.