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27 Nov — Interior Trends

Interior Trends | Drummonds x Tim Gosling

Tim Gosling a classic furniture designer:
‘In a world that has become increasingly fastpaced and filled with daily stresses and the pressures of time, the bathroom has emerged as a place of sanctuary and calm where the luxury of privacy is treasured.

When designing with peace and quiet in mind, it is essential to create pieces that are sympathetic to the surrounding architecture, creating a natural rhythm. Bathroom pieces are often the biggest challenge for a furniture designer when working in an historic listed building, because the bathroom, as we know it today, is a relatively recent concept – and would certainly not have been an original element.

In the 18th and early 19th centuries ablutions took place in the bedroom, with bowls on washstands filled with jug after jug of boiling water. Indeed it was really only in the mid-1800s that plumbing innovations led to the creation of an actual bathroom.
Gosling has always subscribed to the school of thought that pieces within a listed building should be in keeping with the character of the original – it was this design philosophy and extensive collaboration with Drummonds, that gave rise to the vanity unit in this 18th century terraced building in Edinburgh.

The typically Georgian ogee moulding of the credenza echoes the plaster moulding of the listed cornices in the house; while the four panels running along the full length reference the Georgian architects’ respect for Palladian proportions. This striking piece of furniture in dark stained walnut and inlaid ebony stringing sits on raised and arched plinth feet – another feature in keeping with the period of the building, while the faux bone handles and pale marble surface add contrast.’
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