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22 Jun - Interviews

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Megan Oliver from Godrich Interiors

Megan has been an integral part of the Godrich team since 2009, directing tasks from planning, design and project management to close coordination with the Creative Director Ed Godrich. With over 15 years of experience in interior design and architecture, Megan is originally from New Zealand and holds a degree in Interior Architecture from Victoria University, Wellington.

Megan is an avid traveller and relishes the opportunities to work on international projects and historic buildings. One standout experience was working on an ancient grand palazzo in Venice, not least for the logistics of transferring valuable antiques through the city’s canals.

In her free time, Megan can be found in the yoga studio, on her bike or finding new inspiration by exploring listed buildings or art galleries.

What inspires your interior design process?

The architecture and surroundings of the building we’re working within are always my starting point. To me, it’s important that the architecture is respected in my designs.


What is your favourite item to find?

Lighting, hands down. I love everything about it. There is a real skill in creating a lighting scheme that is both functional and beautiful. I enjoy the challenge.


How do you begin the design process with a new client? What kind of questions do you like to ask?

I’m not sure I go armed with a list of questions… it seems to happen quite organically. After a bit of a wander around the building and a chat, somehow we have our brief! We work very closely with our clients throughout the process, so the questions keep coming for quite some time.

How do you match the personality of the client and what they’re looking for with  current interior trends?

Trends are not something I focus on, to be honest. The brief from the client and the architecture we are working within is more important to me. The design process is usually inspired in equal parts by the architecture, the client and the designer. I believe this is a much better formula for creating something unique and timeless.


What is your bathroom at home like?

Tiny! But because of the lack of space, everything is planned meticulously. This time next year, however, it will have doubled in size and be unrecognisable.

What advice would you give to someone looking to get into interior design?

Being creative is obviously really important, but the ability to realise your creativity involves an incredible amount of organisation and admin. You need to be good at both.


Top  Interior Design tip?

Go hard or go home. Design is something to approach with confidence, so commit to your idea and follow through with all you’ve got.

What would you always advise a  client to consider?

Be honest with yourself as to how you live. Living with the fantasy that you are suddenly going be a minimalist (when really you know you’re a bit messy) is only going to result in a space that makes you feel anxious. Embrace who you really are and the result will be a space that you’ll never want to leave.


Describe your interior style in 3 words.

Considered, relaxed and joyful.

Megan Oliver, Associate Director

Godrich Interiors