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15 Feb - Inspiration

Dreaming of Escapism

Japanese steel container house, located on Kouri Island, Okinawa, Japan

After 20 years in Tokyo, Tomoaki Koga dreamed of an island retreat where he could nurture both his growing family and his business. He decided to build a  four-square fortress of stacked steel containers to live, work and grow old in. With bespoke baths, a crow’s nest of a kitchen and customs doors that can reconfigure whole layouts.

Published in the October 2015 issue of The World of Interiors this beautiful house with bespoke baths, a crow’s nest of a kitchen, and custom doors is the perfect formula.

The 12 m long shipping container is situated on the quiet coastline of Kouri Island and sits perfectly within the laidback Pacific islands’ spirit. Tomoaki Koga, who has meticulously designed every detail without any architectural knowledge, explained ‘ I didn’t set out to build an unusual home’ and yet the outcome is exceptional. Despite typhoon season, Tomoaki insists that the house feels completely stable and safe when the doors are shut.

In the panoramic bathroom is Drummonds’ Spey bath, from which you can see the ‘clouds move, the sunset, the moon and the stars’ is quite impressive.  This Spey has a rough, raw cast iron finish on its body with polished cast iron legs, perfectly combining a classic look with an industrial edge befitting of the container house.