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20 May - Local News

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The Chelsea Flower Show 2016

If you’ve been down to London’s Chelsea embankment this week, you may have noticed a great deal of commotion… the final finishing touches are being put to transforming the grounds of the Chelsea Hospital into Britain’s most prestigious and highly anticipated flower show.

The Chelsea Flower Show, hosted annually by the Royal Horticultural Society, has been held on the Chelsea embankment for over 100 years yet far from drying up or wilting away, year after year the grounds are filled with fresh and fabulous gardens, each year more breath-taking than the last. We can’t wait to see what some of the world’s greatest garden designers have in store for us this year! These are just some of the highlights we are most looking forward to…

McBean’s Orchids
McBean’s have been bringing their orchids to Chelsea since their inaugural show in 1913, McBean’s have a Chelsea heritage that sets them apart. Having won over 70 gold medals in their time at the show their exotic orchid displays, they are sure to put on a mesmerising display. Orchids make wonderful plants for inside the home and particularly the bathroom, where the humid conditions suit their tropical nature.


The Devon-based plant nursery will be bringing some ‘art deco glamor’ to the Great Pavilion in the form of a genuine 1920s Belmond British Pullman railway carriage, bedecked not just with flowers but period décor, linen and crockery. At 25m long, and complete with its own planted train station, it will be hard not to miss!

Jekka McVicar’s ‘A Modern Apothecary’ Garden
We all know that being out in the open is good for us, but Jekka’s Apothecary garden has been specially designed with the help of medical professionals to highlight the health and wellness benefits of plants. Jekka’s 3 decades of experience with understanding and growing herb gardens is a credential that makes this garden well worth visiting. With so many delightful scents and sensations, we’re sure you’re bound to find some inspiration for your kitchen as well as your garden here.

The Royal Bank of Canada Water Garden
As lovers of hot baths and long showers, there’s not much that relaxes us quite like the sound of running water. This year’s Royal Bank of Canada garden, designed by Hugo Bugg centres around the sacred nature of water, exploring ‘the connections between water, people and life’.

The L’Occitane Garden

Getting lost in the lavender fields of France certainly sounds like a lovely way to spend an afternoon, and that’s just the experience natural beauty brand L’Occitane hope to offer with their Garden this year. To celebrate L’Occitane’s 40th anniversary, they are transporting visitors to their company’s roots in Provence, where the company’s founder would distil natural oils from lavender and rosemary to sell at local markets. It is sure to have that certain je ne sais quoi.

The Telegraph Garden

Featuring the work of 10 different craftsmen, Andy Sturgeon’s garden design for The Telegraph this year is inspired by a larger landscape, beyond the scope of the humble garden. It includes a dramatic bronze fin ‘mountain range’ as well as stone, ceramic and ironworks that combine to create a skilfully crafted geological landscape, all contained on a more manageable scale.