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25 Nov — Products

Product | How We Named The Liffey Bath

Each unique Drummonds product takes its name from the waters, rivers, lakes and seas of Ireland and the British Isles.

Naming The Liffey

The Liffey, our classic square roll top bath, formed in solid cast iron, takes its name from the river Liffey. The Liffey flows from the exceptionally beautiful heights of the Wicklow Mountains to its mouth in the bustling Dublin Bay, an inlet of the Irish Sea at the heart of Ireland’s great capital.

Naming The Liffey

The Liffey is the lifeblood of the city of Dublin which it splits down the middle in a streak of blue , deep and steep sided like our Liffey bath.

Naming The Liffey

River tours are available to explore it by boat, as along its course through Dublin it passes many interesting sights and important buildings. One of these is The Custom House, a neoclassical 18th-century building housing branches of the Irish government. It is located on the North bank of the River, on Custom House Quay. The Liffey provides the perfect foreground for viewing it from the South bank of the River.

Naming The Liffey

Photo credit: Elemaki

Generations of Irish as well as the visitors to its shores have been inspired by the Liffey, from Joyce to Radiohead, the Liffey has been referenced in literature and song. Joyce immortalised the river in his classic novel Ulysses (1922), describing:

“[Riding] lightly down the Liffey, under Loopline Bridge, shooting the rapids where water chafed around the bridgepiers, sailing eastward past hulls and anchorchains, between the Custom House old dock and George’s quay”
James Joyce, Ulysses

Naming The Liffey

Visit Ireland and experience the beauty of the Liffey and the city of Dublin for yourself! Go to www.visitdublin.com to find out more.


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