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27 Jun — Showroom News, News

Showroom News | Inspirational Bathroom Designs By Sophie Conran

“Redesigning Drummonds London showroom was a very exciting project for me, I have always admired Drummonds for their classic pieces and with such a great product I had a head start. I decided to design seven distinct bathrooms. From 18th century elegance to girly heaven, I created a range with a vast contrast that was rewarding from start to finish.”

“I felt very fortunate to be able to redesign Drummonds’ showroom. Not only did I enjoy working with such an enthusiastic team, but the whole process from start to finish was immensely rewarding.”

“Firstly I rationalised the space, removing strange angles and unnecessary corners, thereby creating separate spaces that could easily be turned into room-sets. Using many of the original features in the building I tried to be intuitive in the way that the bathrooms fitted into each space, blending classic bathrooms with a little bit of my own fantasy!”

“The products pretty much dictated how the room-sets were designed. I have a very fertile imagination, so being shown a bath can lead me off in all sorts of directions. To get a timeless feel to the room, for example, you have to be sensitive to the architecture of the building. Use good quality fixtures and fittings and be aware of the use of the space, trying to make it as rational as possible. There are always certain constraints caused by the existing structure of buildings. However, I have often been known to remove walls and replace with RSJs if necessary. Getting the right look is essential. I’ve always loved colour as it is very instinctual. I love to create storyboards using tear sheets from magazines and to slowly build up a story. Whether it is simply dictated by colour or style, it’s always a helpful starting point to then inspire you and lead you on. 2009 has been a busy year. It has just seen the launch of my second range of wallpaper collaborating with Arthouse. As well as this I have been doing some mad things in 2009 so far, from learning sugar craft with Peggy Porschen to pie judging in Melton Mowbray.”

“My future projects? They’re top secret! However, later this year will see the launch of my cookery school at Temple Guiting.”

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