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Art Lovers Dutch Townhouse

By Even Eleven

When moving back to the Netherlands from California, this English-Dutch couple fell in love with a beautiful monumental townhouse, built in the 1890s.

The art-loving, creative couple commissioned Even Eleven to redesign the entire house and supervise the construction, a process which took over 3 years.

Even Eleven were tasked with creating a comfortable family home whilst respecting the magnificent details of this iconic townhouse.

Having grown up in the United Kingdom, the client’s wish was for a classic English bathroom but with a modern twist. Classic products from Drummonds were combined with beautiful marble and handmade tiles from Botteganova.  The result is a stylish bathroom which reflects the period and character of the building.

Michelle, of Even Eleven, notes that, “We more or less had carte blanche, and our client really enjoyed our extraordinary ideas and level of detail. For instance, in the entertainment room we were keen on matching the snooker tablecloth with the exact same colour as the window sills and velvet curtains and the library has a large bookcase designed to pivot, revealing a staircase that leads to the first floor!”

Besides running a family together, Pieter and Michelle share a love for design, art and vintage. This resulted in the start of Even Eleven interior design. With their team, the young couple has worked on a range of projects, from several high end villas, state of the art penthouses, a ski chalet in the French Alps to the transformation of an ancient Tuscan villa. The couple sees interior design is a time-consuming treasure hunt. It is a search for furniture, unique objects and materials that reflect your personality, interests and way of life. And they love to take their clients on this journey.