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Villa Kilù

Landscape Living - Switzerland

Designed by Francesca Neri Antonello, FNA concept

Located by the picturesque Lugano Lake in Switzerland, ‘Villa Kilu’, designed by FNA concept, is a masterful example of architectural design that seamlessly melds the indoor and the outdoor.

The entire property has been purposefully re-designed to reinforce the connection between our homes and the natural world.

Francesca Neri Anotnello’s design approach is heavily influenced by her international roots; born and raised in Peru, she traveled the world, initially living in Switzerland and then the US, before returning to Europe. Her knowledge and experience of different cultures and design practices enables her to bring a multitude of styles and layers to her work, as is evident with ‘Villa Kilu’.


Dark wood and natural stone are paired with bold metal fittings, such as copper and brass, as well as luxurious soft textiles, bringing colour and warmth to the space. The furniture, designed entirely by FNA Concept, uses natural materials, adding life and vibrancy to the home.

Drummonds’ Baby Tyne bath was specified for one of the bathrooms. A magnificent centerpiece, its gleaming copper exterior provides a dramatic contrast with the dark colour palette.

Drummonds copper baths are truly unique; the copper finish develops a patina over time, giving the bath a more rustic, unique feel.