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London Townhouse

A bright & modern family home

This recently refurbished London Townhouse decorated by Hannah Lawrence Home is a bright, timeless, and inviting family home. Considered combinations of colour, material, and texture across the fabric, furniture, and lighting choices create a harmonious space that enhances the traditional architecture of the home. The resulting blend of minimalism and functionality makes the perfect space for a large family.

Drummonds’ bathroom fittings and fixtures bring a sense of luxury to the space; classic and refined, each piece is designed to make a statement without distracting from the intentional elements of the room.

Strategically placed next to large windows, the painted Wye bathtub commands a central position in the master bath. Natural light peers through the space and is complimented by pale green tones, Arabescato marble, and a stunning oak plank.

This second bathroom features an open-air skyline, once again embracing the natural light, and offers leafy views that create a peaceful feel.


Interior decoration by Hannah Lawrence Home
Photography by Paul Massey