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Retro Delight

Designed by Artisan Interiors

Interior designer Zoe Fernyhough of Artisan Interiors was given free reign for a total renovation of this elegant 5-bedroom house in Didsbury, with the brief to create a sense of refinement reminiscent of a luxury hotel.

The master bathroom exemplifies a blend of luxury and cosy, perfect for the home’s large family. Timeless products from Drummonds form the focus of the room including a double vanity with a Verde Guatemala marble countertop. The patterned floor by Artisans of Devizes serves as a captivating contrast, creating a dramatic backdrop that elevates the entire space, while Drummonds’ special antique brass finish complements the flooring and surrounding joinery.

An enclosed wet room was specified in the space, cleverly partitioning the large bathroom into intimate havens.

The second bathroom achieves a retro charm with cool tones punctuated by navy in the flooring and wall, while Drummonds’ antique brass finish brings a soft sophistication that ties the space together. The Bute bathtub, strategically placed near the window, allows ample space for a vanity unit and towel rail within the room’s compact footprint.