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28 Jul — Bathroom Help

Bathroom 101 | Choosing Your Shower Enclosure

Showers, 53% of us have one every morning and they have long overtaken bathing as the Nation’s way to wash, but with so many options out there, just how do you find a shower that suits you? This guide will help you to make the right choice for you and your home.

Choosing your Shower – A Personal Experience

A shower is a very personal experience, and therefore a very personal choice. Some consider the shower in their homes as a purely practical implement, an efficient way of washing quickly when you haven’t got the time for a soak in the bath.

For others, the shower is their indulgent haven; a space to relax, refresh and prepare for the day, or night, ahead. Just because a shower is quicker than a bath, that doesn’t mean it has to be a drop less satisfying.

Bathroom Help Shower Enclosure Blog

Fitting your Shower

If space is limited or showering just not something you prioritise, it can be tucked away in a corner cubicle or enclosure. Sizes are very often flexible, especially if you buy directly from a manufacturer like Drummonds who build made-to-measure enclosures bespoke. Have your measurements to hand when shower shopping, and get your shower fitted as closely to your bathroom plan as possible to maximise your space.  In order to save space in the shower itself, consider a concealed shower which will look sleek and contemporary with the pipes hidden away, as well as helping to keep the shower area to a minimum. Did you know that the controls can actually be placed away from the body of the shower itself? This keeps your bathroom design even more flexible, and allows you to adjust your shower without getting wet!  If a bath is the main feature of your bathroom, installing a shower directly above it can be an enormous space saver. If your bath is against a wall, a surface mounted shower is the best option or if your bath is freestanding a simple hand shower can be fitted to your tap deck.

Bathroom Help Shower Enclosure Blog

If you love to indulge in showering, make it the centrepiece of your bathroom. There is no grander way to do this than with a freestanding shower, where a good shower is made exceptional by the added appeal of showering in a piece of elegant, innovative design. A sealed freestanding shower like Drummonds’ Spittle or Severn can be placed anywhere in the home, why not place it in your bedroom so you can step straight into the shower from your own bed?

Shower Room Case Study

Alternatively a larger, more spacious shower enclosure might be more practical, and still offers a lot of space for you to enjoy your daily drench. Sleek, curved, glass shower enclosures are particularly on trend at the moment. If space permits it, a separate wet room purely for showering is the ultimate space to relax and escape.

Shower Types

Identifying the water pressure in your house is the first step to choosing a shower type, ask your plumber to check your system if you are not sure. If your reading is 1 bar or above, you have a high pressure system and can choose between electric showers and mixer showers. If your water pressure reading is less than 1 bar, you have a medium to low pressure system and will probably require an electric or ‘power’ shower to increase the flow.

Choosing your Rose

The shower head or ‘rose’ is the most important part of your shower, as it will affect the style and sensation of your shower experience. Do you prefer an intense pummelling of water jets, a gentle rain shower, or somewhere in between?
Typically, the larger the rose or ‘dish’ of the shower head, the more gentle the effect because the volume of water is spread over a larger area. For a rain effect choose a rose that is flat with a large diameter. Aim for approximately 300mm (12”) or more for a gentle effect, or 200mm (8”) or less for a more powerful stream.

There are many different styles and designs that can create more intense ‘jet’ effect showers. Usually, the smaller the head the more powerful the flow of water, because the water is expelled faster over a smaller surface area. Some also have other features, like high pressure steam or a powerful single jet. If you are not sure what a shower head does, it is best to ask so it’s full range of features can be explained.

Victorian House Case Study

Get the Look

The style of your shower is very important for the feel of your bathroom. If you are buying a quality product that will last, you want to make sure you are also buying a classic piece of design that will stay in style as well.
Conceal your shower components behind walls and panels for a contemporary bathroom, and choose a cool, chrome finish alongside sheets of glass. Aim to keep the shower space as minimalist and clutter free as possible by installing neat racks for your bathroom products.

Urban Townhouse Case Study

For a more traditional feel choose warmer metals like nickel, brass or copper and leave your pipes on full display. Consider ‘antique’ or burnished finishes for a more rustic look. A curved shower pipe fills the space beautifully if your bathroom has a high celling, and intricate details in the shaping of the brassware add elegance and a more personal touch to the space.

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Tips for Installation

When purchasing any shower, checks should be made on your system by a qualified plumber. Drummonds provide installation guides with every shower which should be followed carefully for optimum performance.

Tips for Maintenance

To keep your shower in the superb condition you bought it in, make sure to clean your shower head periodically to avoid build-up of limescale forming, which can block the flow of water. Unsightly limescale can also develop on the outsides of your pipes and fittings, but can removed with just a damp cloth and some soapy water. If you have a brass shower, use Brasso regularly to maintain it’s shine.

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