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30 Oct — Bathroom Help

Bathroom 101 | Drummonds Guide to Bathing

When it comes to designing a bathroom there is so much choice it can often be overwhelming.  With that in mind here is our 5 point guide to ensure you get the most out of your bath tub.

1. Bathing Experience

If you”ve never soaked in a cast iron tub before then you won”t have experienced the pleasure of a truly long-lasting, hot soak.  Cast iron takes on the heat of the water and keeps your tub water warmer for longer than other metal or plastic tubs, transforming the way you bathe.


2.  Test Drive

It’s important to try out your new bath tub before you buy.  Remember that once the tub is filled you”ll be partially suspended in water, so what feels like a steep-sided bath with no comforting slope can be transformed by water into a tranquil flotation tub.

The Morar cast iron slipper bath tub

3.  Paint by Numbers

Worried your tub won’t keep up with current fashion?  Fear not.  A primed tub can be painted on site as many times as you like.  If you feel like a change, simply rework your bathroom style with a coat of acrylic eggshell. This way your investment piece can remain up-to-date and chic no matter how many times the trend changes.

Jungle Shoot Adverts 2014 Blog

4.  Accessorise
With winter drawing in you”ll be spending more quality time in the tub. This means you”ll need a place to keep your products, to rest a book on or somewhere to balance glass of something fizzy. A bath rack can be a perfect instant solution, or for a more permanent storage space, freestanding shelves can work well. For a vintage feel, a retro trunk can be used to display pretty items or to house your vital bathing essentials.

5.  Going Japanese

Interestingly, in Japan it is customary to shower before you bathe and for the bath water to be extremely hot (a sensation that is more comfortable if one remains very still whilst in the tub.) As our cast iron baths retain the heat of the water for longer, they are perfect for those longing to try bathing the Japanese way.  Having bathed, the Japanese customarily rinse in cooler water. To complete your Japanese experience, step under our Dalby shower on a cool setting for a minute or two to finish the ritual.