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22 Oct — Interior Trends

Interior Trends | Wall Coverings

There is a large variety of materials you can use as wall coverings to produce very different looks, from paint to vinyl, ceramic tile or glass.  Whatever your choice, the wall covering will need to withstand the moisture and heat of a bathroom. Below we discuss some of the options.

Ceramic Tiles

Tiles are a popular choice for bathrooms as they are attractive and add character through colour and texture. Ensure you select the right size tile for your bathroom and bear in mind the size of your bathroom space – large tiles can make small bathrooms feel even smaller.

A colourful, Moroccan-inspired tile bathroom from Habibi Interiors:

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Bold and vibrant mosaics make for a very grand statement in small spaces such as surrounding a basin.  The example below is mesmerising.

Wall Panels

Wall panelling is a great choice to add warmth to a room. Painting in a dark colour creates a dramatic look and combined with a contrasting white ceiling and white and grey marble surfaces, the room looks warm and welcoming rather than gloomy.

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For a much softer mood, we love the wall panels used for this project in Denmark. The panels and marble are in tranquil white shades and the use of glossy small tiles enhances the space by reflecting lots of light around the room.

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Luxurious, decadent and stylish; marble is the material of choice for an opulent bathroom. As bathroom surfaces will have constant contact with water, you need to ensure your marble is sealed properly – marble is a porous material and if not sealed it will be impossible to clean. In addition, make sure your choice of marble colour matches the ambience you want to create. Pure white or subtly veined marble will reflect a lot of light and make your bathroom seem more open. Darker marbles do the opposite and are ideal for creating a more masculine or even industrial space.

A stunningly opulent bathroom designed by award-winning Oliver Burns:

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A beautiful bathroom with the floor and walls clad in Italian Carrera marble joining in one seamless curve.

Take a look at our Wall Art Pinterest board for inspiration on wall art, wall paper and finishes.

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