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04 May - Bathroom Help

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Mastering the Art of Storage in Small Bathrooms

We often associate the term ‘storage’ with objects allowing to pile up personal items, rather than thinking of redesigning space. However, storing something for future use is not restricted to shelves and boxes and particularly not recommended if your bathroom is small. So, what is the key to a bathroom containing all your essentials whilst still being reasonably spacious and elegant?

In today’s world, many of our customers come to us with the idea of creating a space of tranquillity, which would provide respite from the crazy and busy everyday life. Our customers always want to look for a spa-like sanctuary in the bathroom, where they can unwind from the stresses of today’s busy lifestyles and cut off from the reality of constantly connected new technologies. They are basically seeking for a spot to take a break, to recover and have time for themselves. For this, space is vital: an uncluttered space often leads to an uncluttered mind.

Space is premium and storage is critical especially for townhouses where space limitations are a real challenge. When designing the bathroom layout, we find it important to break storage down into two different categories: the concealed items that you need to grab readily available but also the beautiful pieces that you want to be visible in the best way, such as lovely perfume bottles, nice scented hand creams and soaps which could be displayed on a sleek glass shelf. Case in point : Kate Moss’ bathroom where the mirrored sections and shelves are integrated to our Double Lowther Basin. Built-in shelves on the bottom of vanities are also are go-to, as long as you don’t overload them with towels…!

Other ideas will be making sure you have really nice accessories such as robe hooks, towel bars and towel rings. Also, heated towel rails constitute a clever solution: they double up as a heat source as well as storing towels.

Don’t be afraid to recess in a wall: in doing so, you create a readily accessible storage area that is both beautiful and minimal and impacts on space. Interesting designs we’ve seen over the years include slight recesses in the walls in order to display beautiful books or really nice lighting that helped create the sense of tranquillity in the bathroom.

The second type of storage we look at Drummonds is the hidden storage. We never recommend built-in vanity, storage in a bath panel or even cupboards or shelves that eat into the room. So how do you create additional storage?

What we have found is that in a bathroom, you don’t need the storage but you just need a shallow area. For example, you can bring a wall out by 200 mm, create a hidden panel and add the storage you need like flat shelves which will be hidden by the panel. This will then enable the rest of the room to be open-plan spacious and spa-like. Opting for vanity basin legs instead of having hidden panels either side of the basin will create a spacious tranquil environment.

Another clever storage tip is to have the electrical requirements such as your toothbrush charger or your shaving charger socket hidden within the concealed storage: therefore you grab your toothbrush and it’ll be fully charged up whilst still being out the way the rest of the time.