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17 Sep - Guest Blog

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9 Ways To Give Your Bathroom A Luxury Makeover by Kelsey Davis

Kelsey Davis is the Managing Editor at The Lux Authority, a blog that writes about the best in high-end fashion, travel and design. She shares with us her tips on how to get your bathroom a luxury makeover.

The Bathroom. One of the essential parts of a home, and a good bathroom is always praised, no matter what part of the world you are in. Trying to improve the way your bathroom looks can be a task for some people, especially if they are not familiar with the intricacies of bathroom design and decor.

If you are looking for inspiration on what you can do for this part of your home, there are several possibilities, each one adding its unique touch to the process. Modern-day bathrooms have come a long way from the traditional designs that people used to incorporate into their homes. Today, for a bathroom to look nice and classy, space is a big factor that one needs to account for. A more spacious bathroom always looks neater and classier, whereas a cramped up bathroom is not something that looks very appealing. If you are wondering how you can improve the look of your bathroom, or are looking for ideas to redo your bathroom, we have got you covered. Here are a few ideas that are trending at the moment, and can turn your bathroom into looking like one from a five-star hotel.

1. Bath Or A Shower? One of Life’s Trickier Questions

One of the biggest decisions when it comes to your bathroom is whether you want to go in for a bathtub, or a shower.

This is something that is largely dependent on the amount of space you have at your disposal. If you have a slightly smaller bathroom, a shower is something that would be better since it doesn’t take up too much space.

If you have a bigger bathroom, a bathtub could add a nice touch to it. Sometimes, people want to have the best of both worlds, which is a shower and a bathtub. If you want your home to have these in separate parts of your bathroom, you will need a much larger space so that it doesn’t look too cluttered.

2. The Wood-Concrete Debate

The next thing that you should be looking at when trying to renovate the look of your bathroom is your walls and flooring. A lot of people tend to either go in for wood or concrete and using this can give your bathroom an incredibly uniform look.

However, if you want to go in for a luxury bathroom feel, mixing these two components is one way to go. Using concrete on the walls and wood on the flooring is a good way to mix it up and give it a modern industrial vibe that is trending at the moment.

3. “Let It Shine on Me”

A lot of people don’t often realize the enormous difference that natural light can have on any room in a home. If there is an ample amount of sunlight coming in, a room tends to look bigger and more spacious. When paired with lighter hues, this kind of room can look even bigger. One of the best ways to redo your bathroom and give it a more luxurious feel is by expanding the windows and natural light sources in your bathroom. Using white, light browns and light blues is a good way to play off this natural light, making your bathroom look even better.

Sometimes, living in apartment complexes or homes that are closer to each other may leave us wanting some more privacy in these bathrooms. Because of this, people tend to make their bathroom windows a lot smaller than they need to be. A good tip for this is to use mirrored windows. Mirrored windows appear as a mirror on the outside but appear as a normal glass when looking through it from the other side. Incorporating this into your bathroom can prevent anyone from being able to see into your bathroom while allowing you to let the light from outside come in.

4. Using The Bathtub As The Focus Point

One way to incorporate a luxury look into your bathroom is by making something the focal point, and then expanding on that. A bathtub is one of the easiest ways to do this since the placement at the center of the room can fit the wall, and it gives off an overall better aesthetic.

Choosing a good bathtub for this is essential because of the positioning of it. You will want a bathtub that stands out but blends in well with the rest of the room. Experimenting with the different bathtub shapes is one way to go for this since the shape alone can add a nice touch to the look of the entire room.

Tiles > Concrete

Tiling up your bathroom can go either way, either it could make your bathroom look like a subway station, or it could make it look like absolute luxury.

The kind of tiles that you choose to go in for with regards to this is incredibly essential and is something that can help you give your bathroom a makeover without having to change the rest of the bathroom essentials.

Remember that the tiles that you choose should be something that compliments the overall color scheme of your bathroom. It should not look too jarring, and the color that you select should be a subtle hue that goes well with your flooring.

6. Mix It Up

You don’t always have to have your bathroom looking symmetrical and matching all the time. Sometimes changing up the patterns that you use is a good way to incorporate a good look into your bathroom without taking away too much from the overall theme that you have.

Choosing different patterns can be tricky, and sometimes, it requires a few tries to understand what patterns compliment each other and which ones work well with one another.

7. Adding Some Greenery

Plants are a great addition to a bathroom and can bring in a fresh feeling that otherwise would be missed. Plants are sometimes incredibly refreshing to look at and can add color to a bathroom. If you have gone in for a monochromatic look, adding some plants in can break that monotony and make it look better.

Try experimenting with different kinds of plant setups to see what looks good. You could use multiple potted plants, hanging plants or even just one large plant in a strategic location to make this look good.

8. Bigger Mirrors

Bigger mirrors are also something that can give the illusion of having a bigger bathroom. If you have a mirror that covers an entire wall, your bathroom is going to look twice as big as compared to what it previously was. These big mirrors can be a great addition to a bathroom, especially if the rest of the room has subtle elements and nothing that occupies too much space.

Mirrors, when placed well with lighting elements, can also make your room seem brighter than it is.

If you’re more “tech-oriented” there are now what are called “smart mirrors”. These mirrors are an IoT enabled mirrors that work via voice commands. Imagine having a relaxing bubble bath without having to bring your bluetooth speaker into the bathroom.

9. White On Wood

Combining white and wooden elements is always a great way to make a bathroom feel more luxurious. While this may be a simple color scheme, it is one that always works well in any kind of bathroom setting.

If you are confused about what colors can work well with each other, this is one of the best options that you can go in for. It makes your bathroom feel like a nice cozy place, lets the light reflect off the walls and makes it look bigger than it is.