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20 Apr - Inspiration

Focus on Antique Nickel

Even though gold brass is on the spotlight this year, silver-hued finishes are not to be underrated and especially if they are bespoke. Standard finishes are indeed giving way to antique finishes. This is why we have introduced antique nickel, which gives a sleek gunmetal look to brass.

What is Antique Nickel

This hand produced finish is defined by a nickel plating which has been aged and brushed for a beautiful and timeless result. It boasts sophisticated silver and dark undertones with a rustic, industrial and rough vibe. It is a live finish, which implies it will age naturally with time.


Why we love it

-It’s perfect for those looking for a silver finish warmer than chrome with a rich aged effect. When associated to brass, nickel plating reveals indeed a golden sheen that standard chrome plating does not. It has a rich, deep polish, giving it a high-end and elegant look. Its textured appearance brings more depth and character to the metal.

– It’s versatile: works just as well in modern spaces as in retro interiors.

Design tips

– With its industrial vibe, we imagine it perfectly incorporated to furniture in a loft conversion or in a refurbished ex-industrial space.

– It will also match superbly with moody colour pallets.

– Insert it in a classic bathroom to create a nice contrasting atmosphere.

How to maintain

Over time, it will age naturally, creating an antiqued look that only the regular cleaning very devoted can prevent.

We recommend you clean this finish with a damp cloth and to dry it with a soft dry cloth. Beware of the use of Brasso on brassware in general: it can clean up the object towards a more polished brass finish and therefore affect the brushed feel. We would therefore advise against this.