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12 Oct - Inspiration

In The Mood For Brushed Brass

What is Brushed Brass?

One of our stunning live finishes we offer is Brushed brass : created by hand, simply brushing the unlacquered polished brass finish for a flatter, more industrial feel. It is defined by the golden tone of brass but it does not have the shiny appearance you see in polished brass. The hand brushing reduces the shine and to create a more matte and subdued effect but still has a great warmth to it. Besides the difference in shininess, what sets antique brushed brass apart from unlacquered smooth brass is the texture: the brush marks on the brass constitute thousands of tiny ridges resembling fingerprints which give it a subtle grain. Like our other special finishes classified as ‘custom’, the surface will age, patinate and mark very quickly and eventually take on the appearance of our antique brushed brass finish if you do not polish it.

Why we love it

-This finish is the perfect choice for those looking for something subtler and softer than unlacquered polished brass. Defined by understated sheen, it will give a glamorous and elegant touch to your bathroom. It’s ideal if you love the warmth of gold but want to avoid its shininess.

-Its matt appearance will give your bathroom a modern look.

-Brings a feeling of warmth to the bathroom.


Design tips

-Like a neutral, it matches easily with other colours.

-You can pair it with shiny materials to balance it up

How to maintain:

When you maintain brushed brass, you must be careful to not remove the brushed effect when polishing it with Brasso. To reapply the brushed finish, lightly brush the surface of the product with a light abrasive pad such as a household scorer. Be sure to move in the same direction as the existing brush marks to ensure an even finish. Never use any kind of sand or glass paper on the surface of brass. Read more about our bespoke special finishes here.