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20 Jul - Inspiration

Loving Antique Brass

Antique brass is Drummonds’ most traditional special finish. Elegant and timeless, it constitutes the ideal choice for those looking for something more subtle than high-shine yellow gold accents.

What is Antique brass

Defined by copper and golden undertones, this special finish is designed to create the aged look of a brass product that has been installed for many years and which will naturally tarnish with time. The product starts with an unlacquered hand polished brass finish which undergoes many handmade processes such as oxidisation and patination. This includes the use of an ageing solution, light abrasive pads and the application of a thin layer of wax. The wax applied to the surface will not stop the ageing process and is purely there to enhance the beauty of the finish like a piece of fine furniture.

Why we love it

– It’s unique: since it’s handmade, it will be different each time.

– As it’s a live finish, it is easy to maintain.

– It’s a finish which will warm up and give an organic feel to your interior. With its warm tones, it creates indeed a comforting glow which will elevate your interiors and infuse any home with energy and vitality.

– Will give a vintage character to any space.

– Thanks to its multiple tones, it’s very versatile: it matches easily with other colours and works just as well in modern spaces as in retro interiors.

Design tips

– Mix of materials: pair it for example with white marble for a luxurious display, or with simple metro tiles if you’re looking for a more industrial feel. It stands out also very nicely against natural materials like wood and stone.

– Choose this finish if you wish to enliven a monochrome room.

– Its textured aspect will give you the flexibility to mix it with different metal finishes such as copper or unlacquered brass.

How to maintain:

We recommend you to clean this finish with a damp cloth and to dry it with a soft dry cloth. Beware of the use of Brasso on brassware in general: it can clean up the object towards a more polished brass finish. We would therefore advise against this.

For more details on bespoke finishes and caring, please refer to this text.