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06 Oct - Inspiration

A Case For Wallpaper In The Bathroom

Opting for wallpaper in the bathroom is becoming the latest trend not to miss and what brilliant way to add drama and interest to your bathroom decor. Brands have significantly developed their ranges allowing you to find exactly the print you’re looking for with regards to colours and themes. The off putting features from the past, such as being difficult to clean or worrying over matching batches, have been eliminated to allow you to really trust the product you’re buying. What’s more, wallpaper is an effective and easy way to give your bathroom a complete design overhaul. Whether you want to cover all walls with wallpaper or use it to accentuate certain features or make it a feature in itself, discover our favourite wallpaper brands to use in the bathroom with beautiful examples of how you can use them.

1) de Gournay

There is no denying that de Gournay is the brand for you if you’re looking for an abundance of glamour and sophistication. The brand recently revealed an exciting partnership with Kate Moss and you’ve no doubt seen them featured in Chanels Coco Mademoiselle advert as well as more selected as brand of choice for Poppy Delevingne. They certainly have a devoted and loyal fan base and it’s not hard to see why. de Gournay produces elegant, hand painted wallpaper with exquisite attention to detail and all made in house by a team of dedicated artisans. With a philosophy that stands for quality and an inspirational focus on working closely with customers to get exactly what they need to help them realise their ‘dreams of a perfect interior’, de Gournay are certainly a brand to be reckoned with.

2) Juliet Travers

Juliet Travers vast experience within the wallpaper design industry meant that when starting her own brand she was able to easily find her niche. A gap in the market led the brand down a unique path whereby they produce hand drawn designs that are then machine printed. Currently consisting of two collections, The Albion and The Safari, her beautiful prints lose nothing when it comes to quality as you may expect with machine prints but add an abundance of personality. When wallpaper is printed, copper cylinders are used to transfer the desired colour and pattern onto the paper. By find tuning this process and individually engraving each cylinder, Juliet is able to capture her exquisite hand drawn artwork perfectly in printed form.

Top Tip: Always use the adhesive recommended by the brand to avoid running into trouble. 

3) Linwood Wallpaper

Drawing their inspiration from ‘textile archives, museums and the natural world’, Linwood offer a wide variety of wallpaper designs from animal prints, to sporting events and jungle themes. What really catches the eye is their Ephemera collection where the ‘minor transient documents of everyday life are transformed’, creating truly unique pieces of art. Linwood are a family run business and have been running since 1994 so they certainly know what they’re doing. They also specialise in exceptional printed fabrics in case you needed an excuse for an accessories overhaul too.

Top Tip: Whilst some wallpapers are waterproof and even wipe clean, you can take the extra step of varnishing your wallpaper to fully seal it for use in the bathroom.

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