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6 Aug — Interior Trends

Interior Trends | A Bath In Your Bedroom

It’s fast becoming a trend in top guest houses and lavish boutique hotels, but the question is, would you have one in your own home? Here’s our guide to the pros and cons of bedroom bathing.

townhouse maida vale

Townhouse, Maida Vale

Visitors to luxury hotels enjoy open plan bathing, but it’s often thought to be too impractical for your own home. Yet open plan is a great way to live, so why shouldn’t this extend to the bathroom? Knocking down a partition wall and removing an en-suite bathroom really opens a room up.

Deco Townhouse Case Study

Deco Townhouse, Chelsea

There’s something quite romantic about being able to get into the bath without leaving the comfort of your bedroom. However there are design features that need to be taken into account, not least of all a concealed area for the loo.

The biggest complication with having a bath anywhere other than a bathroom is the proximity of electrical items and plug sockets. A qualified electrician should be consulted at an early stage. That chandelier you may have pictured above your head as you bathe might need to be moved slightly to the side or replaced by something more practical.

Babington House Case Study

Babington House, Somerset

A bathroom is better designed to cope with splashes of water and humidity than a carpeted and wallpapered bedroom. But this can be easily resolved by creating a section of wooden or tiled flooring, or a plinth for the bath to sit on. As long as the bedroom is well aired, damp shouldn’t be a problem.

If you’ve fallen in love with the idea of placing a freestanding bath at the end of your bed, it can definitely be done. The most important thing to do is speak to your plumber and electrician and check that the space you have in mind will be suitable. Once that’s sorted take a look through our case studies for some more inspiration.