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23 Jul — Interior Trends

Interior Trends | Silk Route Inspired Design

Even the habit of regular bathing was brought over on the Silk Road; bathing was commonplace in the East and up until the 1900s most people in England only bathed once a year! Here we share a few of the design ideas that can be discovered along the Road. We’ve fallen in love with the rich colours, textures and elaborate styles that can be seen along the route, and think they’re the ideal design inspiration for a striking bathroom. The luxurious, jewel tones of bright, silk threads are perfect for using as splashes of colour, being as subtle or bold as you wish. The possibilities are endless when it comes to playing with colour, whether you decide to paint a feature wall in bright turquoise or add some deep purple towels to a neutral coloured room.

Colourful rope
Blue Powder in Morocco

The temples and buildings found along the silk route feature ornate alcoves, intricate tiling, and silk influenced colours embellished with golds and coppers. Although this detailing may be too extravagant to use throughout a small bathroom, these features can be applied individually to add a touch of luxury. Eltham Palace, Greenwich, features a gold leafed alcove in one of its bathrooms similar to those found within the temples along the Silk Road.

Inside of a blue and gold temple
gold bath tub

Georgian Chinoiserie is an artistic movement reflecting Eastern influences that would have travelled to England partly via the Silk Road. A stunning example of this is Claydon House in Buckinghamshire, with its intricate carvings and fretwork influenced by traditional Chinese pagodas and ancient silk patterns.

Although not all Georgian design would be desirable these days, such as the practice of locating the lavatory at the end of the garden, Claydon house’s luxurious detailing is not out of place within modern design. One way of incorporating this into your own bathroom is to use an ornate golden mirror to create a stunning focal point within the room.

Marble bathroom