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29 Mar - Interior Trends

Spring Pastels

With spring peaking its head out, we are craving for lighter and sweeter hues in harmony with the season. What better way than introducing pastels in your bathrooms to get into the mood?

This goes without saying that pastel shades are in the trend, especially if they remind us of our favorite ice creams. Indeed, whether in fashion or interiors, ‘gelato colors’ are huge this year.

Look out for the inevitable salmon pink. Pink bathrooms, which first became popular in 1950s America, give off an ultimate retro vibe. More so, salmon is the go-to pink: it’s not too sugary and aggressive, it sooths the eye and will bring a sense of playfulness and softness to your bathroom. The shade to combine it with? Sage green. We’re seeing this colour combination everywhere and we absolutely adore it.

Salmon Pink

You could also opt for sage green on its own, which is undeniably a safe choice. This greyish green is a soft, muted hue that’s so versatile that we would be tempted to call it a neutral. Such as salmon pink, it generates calmness and a pensive mood. It’s ideal for the spring time as it evokes moss, nature in general and our will to connect to the outside world during this season.

Sage Green

What’s more, lighter colours are commonly known to give the illusion of a wider space. Therefore, if you have a small bathroom, pastels constitute a great choice of colour as, unlike white, they create a personalised atmosphere. Introduce them on your walls, on a single wall and feel free to mix & match them. If you prefer to tone it down, the other option is to focus on accessories or core pieces like your bathtub.